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Social Signals for SEO: Using Social Media for Improving Google Rankings

Social media is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for your business. Businesses often mistake these platforms to be insignificant, time-consuming, and irrelevant for their niche. 

Due to this, they end up concentrating fully on creating informative content just for their websites. 

Improving your SEO game is vital for the visibility of the brand’s online presence, and Google ranking. However, since new content gets uploaded online almost every minute, the chances of your brand ranking at the top of the results page are quite less. 

Putting efforts into getting more viewership through posting quality content on social media platforms like Instagram can really help in amplifying the SEO activities on your website through social signals. It also helps in raising the engagement rate of the brand and boosting sales. 

What are Social Signals?

Social signals are simply the interaction and engagement of your audience with the content you post on your social media handles and website. They tell the search engines which content is relevant, trending and trusted, and can boost the organic ranking of the web page.  

Since search engines like Google and Bing aim to provide their users with satisfactory content, they rank digital content on numerous factors like URL popularity and visibility- with social media.

Some social signals are:

  • Facebook likes, comments and shares
  • Twitter retweets, likes, quotes, conversations
  • Pinterest pins, views, and comments
  • Linkedin links, reactions, new connections, and references
  • Instagram followers, likes, shares, comments, reposts
  • Youtube subscribers, views, comments, and thumbs up. 

The more kinds of social signals you receive through social media, you can be more sure of your brand engagement rate, and popularity. 

How does social media affect SEO?

Social media impacts SEO indirectly. Search engines monitor the social signals your page is receiving via social media, as an indicator that it is a source of value-adding information that is appreciated, endorsed by viewers.

When you share links, new posts, product updates from your brand website to your social handles, it increases brand awareness and exposes your company to audiences across the globe. Social media also generates backlinks, and positively affects organic traffic, company reputation, and popularity. 

The shares of your posts on social media generate social signals, that indicate that your posts are value-adding to your target audience, thus increasing your reach, and views. In short social media carries huge potential and promise to attract traffic to your website, blog. 

The potential of social media can be easily tapped with the right content marketing and its distribution. 

Content like blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, memes is mostly popular for engaging the audience through social media. These materials are the best way to present useful information, in a quirky, entertaining, and creative style, without demanding much reading time of the viewers. 


Top 5 ways to gain positive Social Signals

  • Post regularly: An active social media handle tells the audience and the search engine that the brand and its website are real, in business, and reliable. An active social media account instills brand confidence and gains followers. Additionally, your company’s social media presence helps your prospective customers learn more about your products, services, and reviews.


  • Relevant, Beneficial Content: Creating content as per your niche is what increases your engagement and followers. People are more likely to follow your social media page if you are consistently providing them with value-benefit content about the topics they find interesting, intriguing, and constructive. Don’t get succumbed to social media trends, and try to get followers through copying trending content, it won’t better your overall engagement and brand reputation at all.


  • Connect with your audience: Connecting with the audience and your followers is a huge plus of having a social media presence. You can reply to comments, chat with interested customers, follow them back, tag them in your product posts, etc. to mature your relationship with your client.
  • Optimize your social media handle: You can enhance your social media handle, and promote your brand website or other handles by adding links to your profile. This is important when you get followers, they will be interested in your website as well, thus increasing your online traffic.
  • Use social plugins : Social plugins are simple ways to share your content with other people on various social media platforms and increase brand visibility on the search engine. The most common plugins are the Share and Like buttons.


We understand that the world of social media is vast, and creating valuable, and beneficial content is tough. Don’t worry we have you covered! The best digital marketing agency in Delhi is here for you!

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