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Sitting in A Sauna Pod Help You Burn Calories

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Sitting in A Sauna Pod Help You Burn Calories with No Hard Work or Heavyweight Lifting

What if you get to know that just by sitting you can reduce your belly fat? Sounds pretty exciting but somewhere not able to believe. Well, that’s exactly what infrared sauna pod is known for and is used by holistic practitioners and spas around the world. Saunas are an ideal way to relax your body and have a good sweat.

With this post, we will explore different ways to use a far infrared sauna to lose extra weight.

Lose Water Weight

The best feature of a sauna is it allows for water weight loss from the body. Because the intense heat of the sauna makes you sweat, your body started to lose excess water. In research, it has been observed that the human body can lose up to five pounds just by sitting in a sauna for around 20-25 minutes in one session. Therefore, to reduce a couple of pounds of excess water from the body, a far infrared sauna in Los Angeles can be of great help.  For example, if you want to fit into your favorite snug dress for an event, a single session in a sauna offers a quick trim down with no extra hard work.


Sweating helps to flush unwanted toxins and other impurities from the body. If your everyday activities like playing, running, gyming, exercise, household work help you to sweat, then it’s a plus for your lifestyle. But, for most people, their daily life activities don’t generate enough sweat to flush out unhealthy substances from their bodies. For them, the sauna is a key tool to detoxify the body and burn fat more excessively, gives you more energy for exercise and speed up weight loss.

Increased Metabolism

When our body exposed to the intense heat of the infrared sauna, our bodywork harder and heart rate will increase by up to 25-30%. The heat of the sauna makes you sweat more, which also helps you get rid of toxins more easily. This is a healthy way to weight loss with sauna, especially if you do not work out regularly (or never do) or stays indoors all day in an air condition room.

Burn Calories

The heat generates from the sauna is the main source that produces sweat. The more your body sweats; the more your body will burn calories. The increase in body temperature enables your heart to beat at least 30 times faster than the normal rate, which means your body has to burn more calories for energy.

A sauna can be a productive advantage for those who cannot do workout regularly because they have no sufficient time to look at their health. Also, the sauna is the best weight loss machine for those who are suffering from medical conditions such as cardiovascular, respiratory problems or osteoarthritis problems. Moreover, regular sessions of an infrared sauna provide the same benefit as regular exercise. Lose weight while sweating but with no hard work.

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