Searching for the Top private investigator firms in the region and gaining weight in

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Searching for the Top private investigator firms in the region and gaining weight in the legal process

The idea of an asset investigation process is to identify the overall existence of the tangible and intangible ownership of the person or businesses. Such an investigation is important for a variety of reasons like child support, debt recovery, alimony, etc. The Top private investigator firms having the right resources can provide an idea for the matter and give you an upper edge in the matter.

Understanding the assessments that are covered in the investigation process

If you have a legal interest in the investigation, the firm handling the Asset search investigations on your behalf may investigate the matter by searching for the following –

  • Cash in a bank account
  • Investment in money market
  • Capital investments
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Mutual fund and bonds
  • A personal asset like jewelry and art
  • Automotive purchases
  • Insurance policies and values
  • Business cash and cash equivalent
  • Fixed assets like office furniture and machines
  • Landholdings
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Tax liens and returns
  • Previous instances of losses or bankruptcy


In addition to the above-mentioned subjects, the Surveillance investigator may also look for specific contents as needed for your benefit. These may include factors related to money laundering and tax evasion as well. A criminal background check can also be requested at an additional cost.

Looking for the right service providers

There exist specific service providers that may delve into the matters you wish to proceed with. These include the financial investment investigation agencies to criminal ones that have a specific department to deal with Asset search investigations. These further include debt collector agencies, law firms, background investigation agencies, and individual attorneys.

These matters may be used for matters prior to the ligation process to receive the punitive damages. An assessment of the existing assets will reveal the financial account and equity investments in real estate. Similarly, the Surveillance investigator may also look for the financial status of the spouse to ascertain the life of the child post-divorce decree. This is used to help in child support and alimony related matters. It is usually seen that the paying party hides their assets to gain lower alimony and child support detail.

Hiring an authentic service provider

It is important that the firm dealing with your case should be the ones that have been accorded as being the Top private investigator firms by agencies. This is especially important if you are making a business-related investment in a property. This helps reveal the true financial condition of the company. An inquiry about the business and the assets will help with placing the right value of the purchase or assure you regarding the net present value of the purchase. Furthermore, it will give an insight into matters like debts and liens on the business.

Similarly, the investigation can prove to be a boon to the heirs as it helps understand the overall property held up by the deceased person who has not left behind a legal will. An insight can be easily understood from the data of cash and investment accounts, policies, and valuables.

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