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Scarlett Johansson was born on Nov. 22, 1984 in Manhattan to an architect and producer. Since her childhood she was interested in film and theatre, she took lessons in dancing and developed an interest in musical theatre and enrolled herself in Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute which is a Manhattan based acting school and began auditioning for commercials soon she landed with her first movie role when she was child.

Scarlett Johansson’s net worth is $ 140 million as of 2019 and became the highest paid actress in Hollywood with her hard work and success, let’s find out more About Scarlett Johansson’s net worth.

She made her debut as child artist in the movie ‘North’ also known for her appearance in the movie ‘Manny and Lo’, as an adultactor she is best known for her role “Lost in Translation” alongside movie veteran actor Bill Murray, which earned her Golden Globe nomination and award from the BritishAcademy of film and televisionfor her best performance.

Scarlett Johansson is the most demanded and favorite faceof Marvels in the Avengers movies and she is growing well with that and so her account balance, these films have made her the most sought and the highest paid actress in the Hollywood. Scarlett Johansson added the huge sum between $ 4million and $ 6 million for her work in Avengers. Johansson added $ 17.5 million for her role in “Ghost in the Shell”, she is earning decent amount and living goodlife,time was not always same for her and never got paid so well always, for her first Marvel movie She received $ 400,000 for her starring role in Iron Man 2, she earned low single digit millions for the many Marvel movies and it took her 6 Marvel appearances tofinallyearn $ 15 million for the leading role in Black Widow,Avengers: infinity War and Avengers: End Game.

Scarlett Johansson Net Worth includes $ 10 million per year through brand endorsements alone, she made $ 60- 75 million through Marvel movies and yet many more millions to buck up her account, Scarlett’s real estate portfolio stand of $ 20 million worth alone.

Johansson is not limited to acting but pursued opportunities other than acting, Singing is another talent she possesses and she was one of the Hollywood stars who sang for non-profit collection of songs in 2006, she sang summertime in her melodious voice. She also performed with Jesus and Mary Chain. Scarlett is no way behind and always proves that she is a star she appeared asleading lady in Justin Timber Lake music video for “What Goes around Comes Around”. She also released two albums which charted on Billboard 200 in 2009, she also released a collaborative album with Pete Yorn.

Scarlett Johansson net worth of $ 140 million speaks of her decent earnings made in her running career which adds not only millions but also the hardships, Scarlett is seeing amazing success and outshined as influencing personality.

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