Samsung Galaxy s10: IMEI Sim Unlocking Information

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We get into a situation where our phone stops working and asks to unlock SIM right after we change the network carrier. Well, you don’t have to panic as there are many companies that have got your back for the unlocking process. But, before that, the first thing they would ask for is the phone’s 15 digits unique IMEI number for verification. Let’s take a look at the entire process of verification and unlocking.

Verification of SIM locked Phone:

Well, before you decide to contact any unlocking company for unlock service, you must check if your phone needs the service or not. You can check if your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone is actually sim locked or it is just a technical glitch.

To do so, you need to insert another SIM card of a different network operator. Once you do and see a popup message saying enter unlock code, it means your Samsung Galaxy S10 is SIM locked. But, in case it doesn’t you can relax and take your phone to any nearby service centers and get it checked.

Steps to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10:

Place an order for unlock code through unlocking the company’s website.
They will ask for your ‘phone’s 15 digits unique IMEI number, country details, and country-code to complete the verification process to confirm the order. For your knowledge, the IMEI number is a 15 digit unique number that you can find by dialing #06# on your phone.

You also need to share other details such as the country and current operator details with the unlocking company.

Once this process is done successfully, and the verification has been processed, you will receive an email with the unlock code for Samsung Galaxy S10 & a few instructions on how to use them.

Steps To Perform After Receiving The Unlock Code:

Once you have the unlock code, you are just a few steps back to unlocking your SIM-locked phone permanently. So, proceeding with the next step, enter the SIM card of the different network operators. You will see that your Samsung Galaxy S10 reads a popup notification that says “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code. Now enter the unlock code, you have received in your mail in that empty box on your phone’s screen.

And you will have your phone unlocked immediately, in almost no time. You can now enjoy the services of your phone without any hindrance.

Unlocking companies provide unlocking services most securely. They make sure that every detail you shared with the company stays intact and confidential. They offer you a very quick and safe service that too at a very affordable cost. They make sure that there is no discomfort caused to their customers.

So, if you, your friends, your family or anyone that you know has a need for an unlocking service, you can surely suggest them to get in touch with such unlocking companies. They will, for sure, have the best unlocking service experience in the minimum time possible.

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