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Saint Nivruttinath Maharaj Samadhi Temple, Trimbakeshwar

Saint Nivruttinath

Sant Nivruttinath was the elder brother and guru of Sant Dnyaneshwar. Sant Nivruttinath’s father’s name was Vitthalpant. He had retired in his youth. Guruji of Vitthalpant lived in Kashi, his name was Ramanand ji. Vitthalpant stayed with his Guruji and started studying and serving him. After staying there for some time, Vitthalpant was ordered by his Guruji to accept the ashram at home. Vitthalpant returned to Alandi according to the Guru’s orders and started his household life again. Vitthalpant had four children. First Nivritinath, second Dnyaneshwar, third Sopandev and fourth Muktabai. ‘He gave all the education to his children according to that time.’

Vitthalpant had gone to the Trimbakeshwar mountain with his wife and children. There was a dense forest on that mountain. Many wild animals lived in that forest. While roaming on the mountain, he saw a lion running. Everyone got scared seeing him. Vitthalpant came to the outskirts of the forest with his wife and children. When they all came out of the forest, they did not see Nivrittinath anywhere with them. Even after searching a lot, Nivrittinath could not be found. Thus, seven days passed and on the eighth day Nivruttinath stood in front of them all. Everyone was very happy to see Nivruttinath alive.

He was looking more radiant than before. Vitthalpant asked, “Hey, where were you all these days? Nivruttinath said, “Father, running away from the lion, I entered a cave. A Swamiji was sitting there. His radiance was clearly visible to me even in that dark cave. His name was Gahininath. He taught me yoga and ordered ‘to make the suffering creatures of the world happy’.

When the children grew up, Vitthal Pant decided to perform the Upanayana rites for them. Vitthalpant returned to Alandi with him for the Upanayana; But the ruthless people of Alandi refused to perform his Upanayana, calling him the son of a sanyasi. Vitthalpant requested the children to perform the Upanayana ceremony and said, I am ready to atone for my mistake; But the children should not be punished for my mistake. Then the people there said to him, “You have left the sanyasa ashram and again accepted the grihastha ashram. There is no other atonement for you without the atonement of renunciation. If you do that atonement, then only the children will have the Upanayana rites.” Hearing this answer, Vitthalpant returned home. Leaving the children sleeping, he jumped into the river with his wife and took water. Waking up the next morning, when the children could not find their parents, they looked for their parents everywhere; But they were nowhere to be seen. All four children were orphaned without their parents. The eldest son, Nivruttinath, had the responsibility of all his younger siblings. Nivruttinath brought up Gyandev, Sopandev and Muktabai like parents.

Later, on the orders of Guru Nivruttinath, Dnyaneshwar wrote Srimadbhagavadgita of Sanskrit language, for this reason ‘Gyaneshwari’ wrote this wonderful book in Marathi. After this Saint Dnyaneshwar wrote this book ‘Amritanubhav’. It has ten chapters and seven to eight hundred verses. They have deep spiritual experience embedded in them. This is a unique book full of philosophy of the whole world.

At a young age, Nivruttinath’s parents left home, but he did not panic and raised his siblings like parents. This was possible only because of sadhana. So now you must have understood the importance of meditation.

Sant Nivruttinath Samadhi Temple Trimbakeshwar

Sant Shree Nivruttinath was born at Alandi, Pune. He was the disciple of Shree Gahininath. Brahmagiri hills – The location where they first met each other. It is said and believed Sant Shree Nivruttinath is the Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shankar. He was the elder brother and Guru of Shree Gyaneshwar Maharaj and the head of Varkari sampraday.

Within Maharashtra and few nearby states, Varkari sampraday is present and is deeply associated with spirituality.

700 plus years in the year 1219 as per Hindu Calendar, Sant Shree Nivruttinath had Samadhi at the age of 24 years. Thus, the Samadhi is called Sanjeevan Samadhi i.e., as per wishes to quit life that is located in trimbakeshwar. 7 days before the start of summer, ladies rub sandalwood within the temple area and paste is applied at Samadhi during afternoon hours said to be the starting day of summer. At night, the paste is distributed within devotees as Prasad.

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