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Rules of Product Photography that Pasadena Businesses Should Recognize

Product Photography Pasadena
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There are many ways to market your brand. Be sure that you have the ideal product photography Pasadena can enjoy as well as all of Southern Los Angeles. LA Photo Team is composed of experts who know how to stage your service and product perfectly so that it appeals to the customer’s eye.

Here are the details of Product Photography Pasadena business owners should acknowledge and understand when searching for the perfect business to fulfill your vision. LA Photo Team is offering the most prominent elements that come with high-quality product photography.

An Engaging & Relatable Team

The people or company you choose to take your pictures or handle marketing need to have an understanding of not only the product but of your target audience and its community. Product photography Pasadena should expect is something that is interactive and fun.

Knowing that your photographers are local and have a solid understanding of the area and its growing influence is important for visual representation. Also, your personal relationship with the photographer and how you relate to them can further expand your vision for your product to their understanding and interpretation through photos.

The relationship between your photographer and your business could determine the quality of work you receive. Be sure that the people creating the visual representation of your brand are able to fully comprehend your mission and what the product is for.

Although the interaction between you and the photographer may be fleeting, the product photography Pasadena sees, as a result, will be a lasting impression. A picture is worth a million words and you want to be sure that the person or company you hire is able to convey the correct message.


Though freehand is possible and acceptable, tripods are the golden rule of all photography and cinematography. Outside of aesthetics and art, a steady shot can be magical on the other side of the lens. All professionals know this and while holding the camera is accepted and can be used as a technique, you should be wary of people who do not have a tripod handy at all. It could be detrimental to the potential quality of your photos.

Lighting & Angles

Lighting is vital in product photography. The place where the photographer is standing and the light exposure in a photo can highlight and change what is visible of the product. It can avert the eye to certain details of your product that people you want to emphasize to consumers. This element can be manipulated and shaped so there is no question as to what your product is and even what it does. It’s an important detail to acknowledge in product photography in Pasadena.

Coloring & Staging

The physical and visual appeal is what people emotional connect to the most. Certain colors evoke emotion. Product photography in Pasadena needs to appeal to the emotions of the community, the people and all of Southern California in a way that is attractive and inclusive. Different colors can either clash or connect and this is how staging can be beneficial.

Be aware of red flags when choosing product photographers in Pasadena.

Red Flags

  • Cluttered and Full Backgrounds – this is an obvious detail to pinpoint because you can tell if something else is distracting. You don’t want the attention to be taken away from your product. Clutter includes too many objects and too many colors.
  • Statis Shots – images captured from only one angle cannot fully portray the depth of a product.
  • No Flash – Lighting is important, but using the flash on the camera will reflect off of the product, create unwanted shadows and even distort the original color.

LA Photo Team company is a renowned video production company that provides many facets of photography from headshots across to Los Angeles to product photography in Pasadena. Their team of experienced photographers aim to create high-end digital content that will further boost their client’s brands into the spotlight with professional techniques and devices.

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