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Rick Simpson Oil: Everything You Should Know

Are you new to the term rick Simpson oil for sale? Well, don’t worry. We have got your back. 

Also known as RSO, this oil is a cannabis concentrate best known for its umpteen medical perks, and cancer is no exception. This CBD balm for pain consists of a thick syrup consistency and can be used by patients to cure the problem and stay at ease. In addition to this, it can also be ingested in drinks or foods.

Want to know more? Continue reading this piece where we have mentioned all the information related to the oil.

RSO: A Small Brief

In the year 2003, Rick Simpson invented cannabis oil while he discovered three bumps on his arm. Later, when he did some research, he found out that he was suffering from skin cancer. This is where he started using cannabis in order to cure the medical issues he was facing all this while. Later on, he made CBD oil balm so that he gets relief from skin cancer. He used to take the oil, apply it to the painful area, and covered it with a bandage to stay at ease. He followed the procedure every day, and what happened next was not expected. Days passed, and he noticed that cancer growth started disappearing. Even though his doctor stopped him from using cannabis oil as a substitute, nothing stopped him. With the results he got, he started believing in cannabis oil’s power and later called RSO after him.

Perks of using RSO

As a responsible individual, it is mandatory to consider that there are no studies that explained the benefits of RSO. Nevertheless, cannabis oil is used by people to treat skin cancer. Eventually, when people started noticing the results, most of them believed that the oil was effective. Compared to other cannabis products, RSO was known as a substitute because it was effortless to use. In addition to this, you can also take it orally or mix it with any food item.

How to use oil?

Professionals say that it is highly recommended to ask for a piece of advice from the doctor before using the oil, especially if you are on some medication. Even then, if you plan to use the oil, use it at your discretion.

Week one: Make sure you start by using the oil three times a day. Each dose should be less than a teaspoon. Use it every eight hours.

Week two: Double your dose after every four days. But make sure you use the oil in the right manner.

The Final Thoughts

These are some of the facts you need to know about cannabis oil. Make sure you keep in mind and use it in the right manner. Secondly, do not feel shy to speak to the doctor if you have any questions.

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