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Questions to Ask Before Booking Phuket Car Rent Service

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Whether you are opting for Phuket Car Rent for your business trip or pleasure, it’s always a good idea to inspect the rental agency and the car before signing any agreement. The below-given questions can help you choose the right car rental agency and car for your needs.

So, when planning to rent a car, make sure you know the answers to the following questions.

What documents are needed for the rental procedure?

Car rental companies sometimes require plenty of documents before giving their cars on rent. The required documents may include proof of car insurance, driver’s license, and address proof.

What all is included in the quoted rate?

When getting quotes from different car rental services, you must check that all the applicable fees and taxes are included in the final price. Fail to do this, and you might end up with a higher cost.

What insurance is included in the rental?

The Phuket car rent service will usually offer additional insurance for an extra fee. But, knowing what you are covered for will surely help you make the right choice.

What fuel does the car need?

Putting the wrong fuel in the car can seriously damage the car’s engine. And because this mistake is really not covered by any insurance, it can cost you a hefty amount. So, before you take the car out of for rent, make sure you ask the rental company about the type of fuel the car requires. Know if it’s a petrol or diesel car.

What if the car develops a mechanical issue?

Knowing the car rental company’s emergency numbers and having them to hand can possibly help make an emergency situation a little less problematic. Vehicles in rental fleets tend to be very safe and well-maintained but, still, you must make sure you know what the solutions are should the car break down in midway. So, remember to ask the service provider about the types of mechanical issues that are covered in the insurance and what your other options are.

Is there any extra charge if the car is returned late?

Most rental services are offered on a daily basis, so you’ll likely face an extra charge if you return the car after the agreed date. Hence, if you know that you’ll be late then it’s good to call the rental service and request a rental extension that may cost less as compared to the late fee. Always keep in mind that many service providers offer a grace period, so it’s better to always know what your options are.

Renting a car when in Phuket to view new destinations is often a good option and there are lots of good advantages. However, it is still very significant to consider all these questions so nothing goes wrong. Remember that planning a trip requires a lot of research and arrangements, but that’s the fun part, right? Nevertheless, search for all the available options you can, and you’ll definitely have a hassle-free trip with no hurdles.

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