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Pixhawk Blue Cube: Most Advanced HD Video Transmitter

If you are associated with drone technology directly or indirectly then you must have heard of Pixhawk blue cube, the Herelink Pixhawk remote controller plus HD transmitter and its benefits. Needless to mention, Herelink is an integrated remote controller, ground station and wireless digital transmission system designed especially to be used with the Cube Autopilot, Ardupilot or PX4.

Pixhawk blue cube, i.e. Herelink allows RC control, high definition video and telemetry data to be transmitted up to 20km between the ground station and air unit, the Herelink Pixhawk remote controller plus HD transmitter features custom Solex TX and QGC applications as well as both air unit and ground station feature an integrated 8-core SOC for custom application development.

Pixhawk Blue Cube: Features

If you want to enjoy all in one – telemetry, video and control, and take your drone technology to the next level, look no further than the Herelink Pixhawk remote controller plus HD transmitter. The features of Pixhawk blue cube are as follows:

  • It has android based smart device with 5.46 inch 1080P capacitive touch screen.
  • It is built with integrated digital transmission system simultaneously transmitting video, telemetry and control.
  • It has custom Solex TX and QGC ground station software with Mavlink support for Ardupilot and PX4.
  • It has dual hall effect self centering gimbals with removable sticks.
  • It has 1080P HD video with dual digital video inputs.
  • The dual S.bus signal output for simultaneous control of autopilot and pan/tilt cameras are excellently built.
  • You will get 6 customisable Mavlink buttons and Mavlink/Sbus hardware wheel.
  • It has RC gimbal control on dedicated service independent from Solex TX / QGC.
  • It also has Tether and share video and telemetry via wifi ground station such as Mission Planner.
  • The Pixhawk blue cube has onboard Arm Cortex A53 & Cortex A53 SOC in both air and ground units for custom applications.

Which Autopilot normally supported by Herelink?

Now the question is which autopilot is/are supported by Herelink? The answer is pretty interesting! It supports all the Pixhawk versions available and any other flight controller that runs on Ardupilot, PX1, as Pixhawk blue cube uses Mavlink, by which you can use any flight controller that is using Mavlink for the purpose of telemetry communication you can utilise Herelink. But one thing you should not forget. Always keep in mind to use correct pin out consult hardware manual prior to start working with Herelink or any other autopilot.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of all-in-one telemetry, controller and video with Pixhawk blue cube-one of the most advanced HD video transmitters available these days, and want to take your drone technology to the optimum level, then this could be your sure choice.


It goes without saying this blue cube is powerful enough for image processing capabilities, versatile and easy to use. Small size, versatile and easy to use Pixhawk blue cube with powerful image processing capabilities made the system a first choice in the drone technology.

When you are planning to buy Pixhawk Blue Cube, you should choose the best seller only, and for that matter Air-Supply is second to none! You must be questioning why should you choose Air-Supply? The answer is pretty simple! They pride themselves in innovation and always strive for the boldest and brightest products to propel this drone industry forward.

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