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Oncology Services for Cancer Patients

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Oncology services for cancer patients


Today, millions of people are living with or had cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death within the U.S. Among all other diseases, cancer is considered one of the deadliest diseases. Cancer is one of those diseases which is worse with time. Early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer must be done to save oneself from death. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of anomalous cells anywhere within the body. These anomalous cells are called cancer cells, tumour cells, or malignant cells. Many cancers & the anomalous cells that compose the cancer tissue are further identified by the name of tissue that the cells originate from e.g. Lung cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, and blood cancer.


The term oncology means the branch of medical science which deals with abnormal growth of cells, tumour & cancers and the specialist who treats the cancer is termed as an oncologist.

Here, the word ‘onco’ means bulk, mass, or tumour & ‘logy’- study. The statistics show that there are three most typical  cancers observed in the U.S. in men, women,& children are as follows:

  1. Men: Prostate, lung, colorectal
  2. Women: Lung, breast,& colorectal
  3. Children: Brain tumours, lymphoma, leukaemia.

For diagnosis and treatment of cancer, before you check “medical oncologist in Los Angelesknow more about what cancer is, its causes and the treatment available.


The causes & risk factors of cancer?


Anything that may cause abnormal growth of the cells potentially can cause cancer. Some cancer causes remain unknown while some have lifestyle & environmental impact or may be developed due to more than one cause.


Risk Factors:

  1. Heredity
  2. Chemical substances
  3. Dietary factors-Energy, fat, protein, alcohol, nitrates
  4. Ionizing radiation
  5. Estrogens
  6. Stress
  7. Viruses
  8. Age


Types of oncologists:

  1. Medical Oncologist: Medical oncologists who treat cancer using chemotherapy & other therapy like targeted therapy or immunotherapy. He/ she is the primary healthcare provider for cancer patients who leads the development of the patient’s treatment. A medical oncologist also works in alignment with other medical departments to achieve the best results.


  1. Radiation Oncologist: Radiation oncologists are the doctors who treat cancer through radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is employed when it’s inconceivable to finish destroying the cancer cells, the main objective of the therapy is to improve patients’ span of life by controlling the expansion of tumours & their related symptoms. Depending on the severity of the cancer cells radiation of radioactive sources left in the place permanently or removed at the end of the treatment.


  1. Surgical oncologists: It is a surgeon who specializes in the surgical removal of cancerous tumours. They are specially trained people in oncology & related surgical procedures.


  1. Hematologist-Oncologist: They are the people who diagnose & treat blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma. A haematologist is available in Regatta Health  Hematology & Oncology Centre.


Role of oncologist:

Medical professionals who practice oncology are called oncologists or cancer specialists. Starting from the diagnosis and oncologists are continues with the following responsibilities

  • Explaining to the patient about cancer diagnosed its stages.
  • Instruct about treatment options available.
  • Assisting the patient to handle cancer symptoms & side effects of it
  • Maintaining follow-ups even after the treatment is completed.


Treatments that should be avoided in the oncology Centre. 

  1. Anaemia treatment
  2. Bleeding disorder & von Willebrand Disease treatments
  3. Bone marrow
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Immunotherapy
  6. Infusion therapy
  7. Haemophilia treatments
  8. Intrathecal chemotherapy
  9. Iron chelation
  10. New myeloma treatments



Diagnosis and treatment of cancer provided at the health centre as well as for the convenience to patients medical oncologist in Los Angeles frequently able to provide oral & home-use medication through insurance. The main goal of this medical oncologist in Los Angeles is maximal patient comfort, dignity, & customer service.

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