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Oily Hair: Quick Tips

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Your hair make you look good and feel cosy and comfortable. But do you think that they are always the same? Don’t you feel sometime they get too greasy? Nobody wants to have that greasy hair that looks too oily and fatty. No matter what the texture or length of your hair is, if they are too oily, you might not be taking good care of them.

You must be thinking what to do for greasy oily hair right? Well, don’t take it too anxiously. You can do variety of things with your hair. You can make sure that your hair stay less oily, greasy and look good. Following are a few things that you need to introduce in your routine and you are good to go.

Three times wash a week

If you don’t give your head a wash regularly you might be pushing it towards greasiness. You cannot afford to lose the charm and effectivity of your hair because of your negligence. You just have to make a point to wash your hair at least three times a week. Actually, you carry out so many tasks in a day and when days go without a head wash, there accumulates a lot of oiliness and dirt in your hair and scalp. If you don’t clean it off, it might begin to drain in the shape of oiliness. Your hair might start looking too oily and sticky. However, if you are prudent about your hair care, you can get rid of this thing. You have to make sure that you do regular head wash three times a day. Of course, you can make your peace with two times a week too but if you are into physical activities or tasks then you have to make sure you wash your hair three times a week. When you do alto of physical work, you sweat substantially. Hence, it is better to clean your head minimum two and maximum three times a week. Note, make sure that you are not washing your hair regularly like daily it might steal the natural oils of your hair and scalp that are required.

Don’t apply too much of conditioner

If you are in a habit of applying conditioner on your hair, that is good. But make sure that you apply it only on the edge of your hair. You must condition only the Ends. If you are applying conditioner till the roots and deep inside your hair; you might be inviting extensive oiliness.  If you know that your hair already have more than normal amount of oil, you have to be watchful about conditioner thing.

You can use a powder

If you are ready for a party but just before you leave the home you find your hair look to oily, you can spray baby Powder.The entire place and then find a type of puffiness and less oiliness therein. Believe it or not, it works and it is not at all injurious to your hair or scalp.


So, when are you going to use a product like Ketomac shampoo? These products are good, effective and most importantly safe. After all, the more you care of your hair, the less they become a trouble for you.

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