Number Masking Solution: For the Arising Need of a Secured Business Communication

Number Masking Solution
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A few people had predicted the end of phone calls in business communication. But the fact is that phone calls are here to stay as the primary and best medium of communication.

One fact that holds true in this new connected world is that we all have an online identity, which is no longer always our email address but is definitely our phone number. The soaring adoption rates of mobile phones are increasing around the world. Phone numbers are fast becoming the go-to choice for cementing a person’s or an entity’s unique online identity. This provides businesses with a lot more information than an email address.

Suffice to say that the authenticity and reach that a customer’s phone number provides are unrivaled in a business setting.

Hence, why is it imperative to safeguard a customer’s or a business entity’s phone number? Well, not using your actual phone number is essential in masking your true identity and protecting your information. Number masking gives customers peace of mind

How does number masking work?

In simple terms, a masked number is a phone number that is used in place of your actual number. The ultimate purpose is for a user to send, receive a call or a text from a number that’s not the actual number in the interaction.

In other words, it is a telephone feature that displays a phone number on outbound calls that you select. Callers can only see the phone number that you set and not your personal phone number. A masked phone number is a safe and easy-to-use voice feature that improves your customer experience and keeps your personal information safe. One should not confuse ‘Number Masking’ with virtual numbers, as the latter are usually permanent numbers connected to people or businesses and are not generally used to protect the privacy of users.

A classic example is cab aggregators using ‘Number Masking’ in services. For security purposes, they might want drivers to be able to call their customers without actually knowing their phone numbers. This is where Knowlarity can help by allowing a temporary connection between drivers and customers with a simple click of the button.

To make things clearer, let’s say we have two people who need to talk to each other. They don’t want the other person to have each other’s numbers. So, the sender has a number, say 888-888-8888. The call to the receiver is routed through masking software, which forwards the call to the receiver at 333-333-3333.

Here is what happens then: The receiver doesn’t see the sender’s actual number (888-888-8888), but he/she sees the masked number (111-111-1111) that hides the original number of the sender. If they get disconnected, they call this number back again and can then reconnect to the original sender.

Who uses number masking?

  • Cab aggregators
  • Online classifieds
  • Vendor and buyer conversations
  • Last-mile delivery tracking
  • Ecommerce and food delivery
  • Marketplaces

Benefits of Knowlarity’s number masking solution:

  • Safeguards customer’s privacy

Through Knowlarity, with end-to-end encryption, customer details are protected across interactions as calls are routed through Knowlarity’s server.

  • Call tracking and monitoring

Incoming and outgoing calls between agents and customers are recorded and monitored for quality and data analytics purposes.

  • Real-time data insights

A customer will receive data insights on call performance, with call logs to enhance customer engagement and measure the performance of agents in real-time.

  • Call quality

High-performance data centers and HD voice technology to ensure superior voice quality

  • Amazing service

Get live support for your business needs from their in-house team available 24/7.

We hope this blog post has been informative and useful for you to make your business decisions.


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