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Most Crucial Tests That Are Conducted During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an amazing experience. The feeling of creating a new life and nurturing is ethereal. However, it is also one of the most crucial times, you have to keep a constant check on your vitals, you have to also ensure that you are healthy at all times. No one can judge the health from the external appearance, therefore the doctors advise a lot of tests during pregnancy. The most important ones are mentioned in the following post. Read all of them and the reasons behind them. Try to get them all done for a healthy pregnancy. You can also book them online. Make your maternity expenses easier on your pockets using Pharmeasy coupon code for all medical checkups.

Most Crucial Tests that are conducted during pregnancy:

1 – Complete Blood Count:

This test is also called as CBC and is one of the very first tests. It is done to check the hematocrit value, Hb Levels and Platelets. All of these values will help to determine you anaemia situation. You must have Hb Level more than 10 during pregnancy. The anaemic women will be given specific medicines and diets. The platelets will determine your ability to deal with blood loss. Delivery can lead to very big blood loss such as 500ml or so. If you have low platelet count, you might bleed to death. Hence, special caution is required.

2 – Urine Tests:

These tests will be done to check if you have UTI or not. UTI stands for the Urinary Tract Infection. The urine tests are also done to check the renal conditions. The presence of excess sugars and proteins in urine is questionable. The doctors can also check the antibiotic sensitivity of your vulva.

3 – Antibody Test, Blood Test and Rh Blood:

This is one of the most crucial tests. This test will check:

  • Whether you are Rh positive or not
  • The antibody presence in the blood. The fluid mixing might cause blood diseases in fetus.
  • If you don’t know your blood type, then get it checked. You might need blood during operation or delivery. Then, to save time, you should be prepared.

You can get these checked right at your homes. The samples can be collected from your home. The results will be sent to you. Opt for the PharmEasy Offers for saving money on this test.

4 – Syphilis:

This is also done to check whether you have this disease or not. If the disease is found, it is treated with utmost care and caution. The disease gets transferred to the fetus. Therefore, it is essential to be checked.

5 – Hepatitis B:

The disease gets transferred from mothers to babies. The affected individuals might also die from the liver cancer or cirrhosis. Around 35% affected foetuses die because of this disease.

6 – HIV Test:

This is yet another crucial test that is done during pregnancy. Generally, the HIV Positive women are advised to abort their pregnancies. This disease can not only spread to the fetus; it can kill the mother. This is because the pregnant mother is susceptible to many infections.

7 – GBS and Rubella Test:

Rubella Screening is also an important one. The disease can spread easily from mother to baby. This can lead to serious affects and health issues. GBS stands for Group B Streptococcus. The infection might be transferred to the newborn during birthing.

8 – Gestational Diabetes:

This is a common health condition and many women fall prey to it. It also signifies that you might get this disease in future. Therefore, don’t shirk away from getting this test done.

Apart from these tests and screenings, there are regular tests. Some of the most common and crucial ones are:

  • Your blood sampling will be done twice or thrice.
  • The Ultrasound tests are done regularly to check the growth.
  • The Nuchal Thickness test is done for checking Down’s Syndrome.
  • The cervical physical test will be done for monitoring.
  • Tetanus shots will be administered twice.

You should also get your Vitamin D and Calcium levels checked. Lactation and pregnancy depletes your bone tissue. If you have deficiency of these, get proper medicines. Otherwise, you will get body pains and porous bones later. The teeth might also go bad.

Well, you can also plan your tests and sample collection online. Make sure to use the PharmEasy coupons for saving on each test.

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