Mobile App Development Trends In 2021 To Keep An Eye On For Holiday Season

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The holiday shopping season is swiftly arriving, and retailers must still contend with uncertainty when formulating their holiday retail strategies in the wake of the Delta variant’s rise. In light of changing shopping behaviors, retailers must prepare now, and you need to be ready by October to ensure that consumers start shopping early this year. 


In addition, even if consumers return to stores, the digital journey and e-commerce are expected to play a significant role in this shopping season, which involves buying online pick-up in-store and curbside service. Here are the 2021 trends in mobile app development that will boost the holiday season’s enthusiasm and sales. 


Mobile eCommerce

Online stores and eCommerce sites did well for most of the year despite the pandemic affecting retail businesses. Considering the ease and convenience of using online seller apps, this trend should continue to 2021. Global eCommerce sales are projected to reach about $3.5 trillion via mCommerce apps, according to Statista.


However, digital stores would still operate primarily through their websites. Mobile apps make it easier for companies to engage with their customers and increase brand loyalty.


Push notifications & app-exclusive offers


Shoppers can find incredible bargains during the holiday season. During the holidays, shoppers tend to make more purchases since they are in a holiday euphoria. Shopping for holiday gifts using a mobile app delivers significant benefits to shoppers. Businesses can use mobile applications to remind their customers about the upcoming holiday season and the help they can enjoy by shopping on their mobile app during the holiday season. In addition, mobile apps make shopping easy anytime, so customers can buy gifts whenever they choose.


Offering deals, reminders, and gift suggestions in-app, such as deals and offers that are personalized and exclusive to the app. An increased sales opportunity during the holiday season is also enhanced by launching promotional campaigns like a Christmas sale.


Augmented Reality


The Pokemon Go gaming app has been the most popular AR mobile app for a long time. However, this feature offers so much more potential for apps of all kinds. Using the AR feature, clothing retailers can design their product catalogs more attractively. There are also numerous photo filters and virtual makeup apps using AR. As conclusion, you will be able to serve your customers a real-life experience this festive season and ultimately grow your business.  


Engaging buyers with social media


The next step is to get people to know about your holiday sale. Planning a sale is one thing, but promoting it is another. For mobile shopping app marketing, businesses shouldn’t rely on standard methods, including in-store advertising and sale announcements. As a consequence, they will be ready to drive more traffic with the use of social media. Apps can be used to handle festive sales and notify buyers and prospects of the best deals. During the holiday season, buyers will likely download mobile apps to buy gifts for loved ones and interact with them, increasing sales.


Artificial Intelligence


In addition to their prevalence in mobile app development, we can expect AI and machine learning to get even more widespread in 2021. The use cases for AI and ML apps are vast, and one such way is to set up chatbots between festival seasons to offer unstoppable customer service. 


In a Nutshell!!!

The modern business environment presents a wide range of challenges when they try to maximize sales. Get in the loop with a reputable mobile app development company that can help business owners increase sales and revenue through mobile applications during the festive season. Comparatively, the mobile app landscape of the digital platform provides excellent opportunities for businesses and shopping portals to boost sales.

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