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Maintenance tips for Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles
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Moroccan tile is a new way to decorate your houses. These tiles have the ability to use all the themes on the floors and walls. This is why Moroccan tiles are getting all the popularity. 

Maintenance Tips

Moroccan tiles are not very hard to maintain but they do require some basic maintenance and cleaning techniques for the handmade and beauty charms. The first thing to do is always to clean your cement tiles on a very regular basis with a neutral cleaning solution or clean water. Make sure that you don’t let any type of liquids sit on the surface of the tiles. Clean up all the spills immediately and dry out the cement tiles completely with a cleaning cloth. This will prevent the permanent damage and the stains from getting on your tile surface. It’s known that the cement-like marble or the various other natural stones have porous material that absorb all the liquids easily like soda, vinegar, liquids or water that is left out to accumulate and stain the tiles. For the cement tiles that are in the high traffic areas or the outdoors, you might need to refinish this regularly to maintain the glimmering of the tiles. This is similar to the natural stone thing. Moroccan tiles can be refinished easily with a fine-grit of wet or dry sandpaper in order to remove the micro top layer to remove all the pigments that form on the surface of it.

Here are some cleaning do’s and dont’s for the Moroccan tiles

The Moroccan tiles are meant to last and retain all the glimmering if it’s cared for appropriately. You must follow some guidelines if you really want to take care of the glimmering in an appropriate manner – 

  • Sweep up all the cement tiles with a brush to get rid of all the debris and the dirt. 
  • Wash all the cement tiles monthly or weekly with water along with the mild pH-neutral soap to eliminate all the dry residue before it sets in and becomes a stain on the tile. 
  • Never ever use an acid-based cleaning solution or the bleach on these tiles because this might wear off the sealer and damage the tile’s surface. 
  • Avoid the use of detergent because it is something that can leave a residue on the tile which is difficult to clean. It will definitely attract debris and dirt too. 
  • Even the sealed cement tiles can stain up if you spill something that’s not cleaned right away or properly. There are various common stains like sauces, salad dressings, wine, coffee, food spills and water that might leave a stain on the surface of the tiles to accumulate.
  •  Stains can be divided into various categories like the organic substances i.e. beverages, good, plants, blood or the naturally occurring substances like mold, algae, fungus, mildew or grout, mortar residue, and various other inorganic stains. All you need to do is take care of all these stains in the best possible manner. Remove them as soon as you see them.

Happy Decor!

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