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List Of The Best Men’s Athletic Shorts In Demand

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Written by JenniferWinget

So you have got the new gym membership along with a new gym bag, and you are all set to work for those six-pack abs. But first things first, what are you going to wear to the gym? Or, you might be planning to go biking or join a basketball team anytime soon. Well, the swim shorts you wore to the beach aren’t going to work with any of the sports, and you probably don’t want to face any wardrobe malfunction while doing deadlifts or squats, biking, or playing basketball. 

So, what can you possibly do? Well, you can go and buy men’s athletic shorts to serve the purpose and retain your dignity. Now when you step out to buy that perfect pair of shorts, there are a lot of things to consider, including length, moisture-wicking, and many more. 

So, if you are looking forward to buying athletic shorts, then this guide is all you need to go through. Now, let’s roll and have a look at the best athletic shorts for your gymming, basketball, or running or biking session.

1. Compression Shorts 

When it comes to men’s workout shorts, compression shorts are the new jockstrap of athletes. Compression shorts provide extra support for thighs, hamstrings, and groin as well as additional warmth and reduce the chances of pulling. 

These are also handy when it comes to protecting the skin from rashes. Reports have also suggested that these also help in improving blood circulation. So, these can best serve your purpose for those tough gymming sessions. 

2. Basketball Shorts

Sports such as basketball require their types of shorts for a few obvious reasons. Firstly, basketball shorts are longer than the knee lengths and lose as compared to other men’s athletic shorts. These are also made of a heavier fabric, that is the performance fabric. 

So, while you are looking for basketball shorts, always prefer those with performance fabric and longer in length. 

3. Running Shorts 

When it comes to men’s running shorts, their length seems to be an issue and these usually come in three sizes: 5, 7, and 9 inches. Now, choosing the length of running shorts depends on one’s body type, running goals, and comfort. 

Runners usually prefer shorter length shorts for a faster and quicker running session. If you are looking forward to buying running shorts, one thing to keep in mind is that you buy one that is lighter in weight and is made of breathable fabric like polyester or lycra. 

4. Biking Shorts 

Biking shorts are somewhat similar to compression shorts, but they vary in a few ways. Where biking shorts are for recreational cyclists, compression shorts are worn by serious athletes. Biking shorts are made up of spandex and compression shorts are made from neoprene which sticks closer to the body. 

So, if you are going to buy biking shorts for yourself for recreational purposes or casual cycling, then you may purchase regular biking shorts made of spandex. Otherwise, compression shorts will serve your purpose of severe regular biking. 

Wrapping it Up

Athletic shorts come in a wide variety, and the list as mentioned above is of the shorts that are most commonly in demand. I hope that if you are about to buy shorts for any of the purposes as discussed above, then you already know a bit about them. 

So, consider the information shared in the article and grab yourself the best pair of shorts as per your requirement. 

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