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Google says this feature could be invaluable in situations where someone cannot speak to emergency operators because they’re injured or under duress. Many emergency call centers get GPS information from phone calls automatically, but the address in the message can help confirm and get help to you faster.

The bad news is that most Android users won’t have this feature. It’s coming to Pixel phones, of course. Google has full control over the software on those phones, and the automated emergency calls are part of the Google Phone app. It also says that select other phones will get the feature, but doesn’t list them. Many device makers like Samsung, LG, and OnePlus create their own phone apps separate from Google’s. Presumably, devices in the Android One program and Motorola’s almost stock phones could get this feature in the future.

A new version of Android Q is rolling out today, moving us one step closer to a final release. This fifth beta is also the first “release candidate” build of Android Q. Developers can test their apps against Beta 5 and feel confident they’ll work the same way on the final version launching later this summer. While the feature set of Android Q is pretty well fleshed out at this point, there are a few new things in Beta 5.

Google says all developers should implement and test dark mode, gesture navigation, and foldable optimizations. That last point seems awfully optimistic considering Samsung hasn’t even managed to release its folding phone yet.

A big chunk of Google’s efforts in Beta 5 revolve around the revamped gesture navigation. As Google announced at I/O this year, it will do away with the awkward two-button gesture nav that debuted in Pie. Instead, Android will move to an iOS-style gesture bar. This will, however, require some changes to the way Android currently works.

Beta 5 includes the new Assistant shortcut that plays nicely with the gesture nav. Previously, you’d long-press the home button to access Assistant. In Beta 5, you can swipe in diagonally from the lower left or right corner to access Assistant. Google’s new back gesture (swipe in from the sides) looked like it would break navigation drawers in apps, but Google has a new peek behavior in Beta 5 that signals to users when they are interacting with the drawer rather than triggering the back gesture.

Are you clucking serious? The Crack Shack, a gourmet fried-chicken eatery known for one-of-a-kind menu items, decadent sandwiches, and a fun vibe is officially opening its doors at Park MGM in Las Vegas on August 11. Created by founder Michael Rosen and Top Chef winner Richard Blais, The Crack Shack serves up a chef-driven menu with a focus on the duo’s shared passion for all things chicken and eggs.



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