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Know What Happens To Junk Cars At An Auto Salvage Yard

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Have you ever wondered what happens to vehicles when you sell or donate it to a colorado auto salvage? When people think of auto salvage yards, they usually visualize a large chunk of land covered with old, rundown cars stacked one over the other. But a professional junkyard is not just a car graveyard, it is a new beginning for many vehicles. Old cars with some life in them get minor repairs and go to people looking for second-hand cars. Rundown cars that would cost too much to repair go for recycling. Here are some details about what happens to vehicles at junkyards.


What Happens At Auto Salvage Yards

Working Cars Sold Whole

Not all vehicles that enter a junkyard are beyond repair. Some of them may still be in working condition. You may have sold your old car to make space in your garage for your new one, to get quick cash or because the car dealers weren’t offering much for it. The staff inspects if it is more profitable to repair the vehicle then to recycle it. If your car is in working condition then the junk removal service may sell it to a car dealership or a person looking for a second-hand car. In some cases, if the car just needs minor repairs then the staff may repair them with other parts they have to get the car running again.


Salable Parts Resold

However, most people sell scrap cars for cash in Denver after they completely stop working. Even if the car is no longer road-worthy, it may still have some usable parts like bumpers, mirrors, AC, etc. The automobile junkyard pulls the car apart with the help of various equipment and removes the usable parts from the vehicle. They clean the parts to remove all impurities like germs, stains, etc. Then they test the parts to see if they are still functional. They sell these parts to garages that use these parts to repair cars for customers at a more affordable price than new parts.

Fluids Drained

This part usually comes before the yard pulls the car apart for parts. If you haven’t already drained your gas tank then the junkyard may do it. Vehicles contain fuel, lubricants, antifreeze, engine oil, brake oil, etc. in their system that can harm the environment. Most car fluids are recyclable and reusable. An average vehicle contains 5-10 gallons of fluid. The company filters the impurities from the fluids and sells the fluids to a service station that uses these fluids to service vehicles at an affordable rate. They dispose of non-recyclable fluids safely according to the local laws. You can also recycle and reuse some of the fluids at home, especially if you aren’t getting extra cash for it.

Non-Salable Parts Recycled

An auto salvage in Colorado tries to salvage as many parts from the vehicle as possible but some parts are beyond repair like used airbag cartridges, broken windshield, etc.The sell burst tires to rubber recyclers who use them to make new tires. The battery’s case is melted and recycled into a new battery case. The yard may sell these parts to a recycler instead. In some cases, the yard may sell intact parts for recycling as well if it’s more profitable.

Metal Scrapped

Once they remove all the parts for selling or recycling, all that’s left of the vehicle is the metal frame. Some auto salvage companies double as metal scrapyards while some have partnership with them. The metal scrapyard crushes and shreds the metal frame into tiny pieces to make it easier for recycling. They melt the metal to recycle it and sell the metal to manufacturers who use the scrap to make cars, appliances, cans, etc.


When a junk removal service buys scrap cars for cash in

Colorado Auto Salvage

Denver, they may verify the title and VIN with the local DMV to make sure that they aren’t stolen. Once they buy the cars, they take their VINs out of the DMV to let future consumers know that the vehicles were salvaged.

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