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cannabis seeds


Several indicators plainly show whether or not the seed is worth all the effort and hard work. Considering & knowing these factors are a must if you plan to have healthy cultivation. Some of these elements are listed below.


Cannabis, unlike other agricultural products (such as vegetables, fruit, or grain), has not been subjected to rigorous breeding processes that ensure a stable crop. It means that even if you sow a batch of cannabis seeds labeled as the same variety, you may end up with totally different-looking plants. It also means that the appearance of seeds purchased from a seed bank may vary.

Because cannabis seeds can vary in appearance, some producers believe that the size, shape, or color determines their quality. We do not propose interpreting the size or shape as an indication of its quality. Some strains generate smaller seeds than others, and the same plant can sometimes produce seeds of varying sizes and shapes. Never throw away one simply because it is smaller or has a different form than another.

The color and feel can reveal more about its maturity and propensity to germinate or grow into a healthy seedling. Mature cannabis seeds often have a hard outer shell from very dark to very light grey and tiger-like stripes. These seeds should be able to be firmly pressed between your fingers without being damaged. Immature cannabis seeds are green with a soft outer shell that breaks when the pressure gets applied to them.

Remember that the simple act of packing and storing cannabis seeds can have an impact on their look. Sudden variations in humidity, temperature, or light exposure may cause some to look darker or lighter than others but do not influence their quality.

The cannabis seeds, like animals and other living things, are biologically diverse from one another (even if they are officially the same strain) and will thus exhibit different physical traits. Do not get fooled by these natural variations into thinking that a big, rounder and darker seed is of higher quality than a lighter, smaller, and more oval-shaped one.


Some people might be happy to find cannabis seeds in their bag and consider it fortunate. Having ones in the bag, on the other hand, is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. For starters, this indicates that the grower made a mistake by allowing an invading male to pollinate their female plants.

When pollinated, flowers stop manufacturing THC-containing resin and redirect their energy toward seed production. Second, the cannabis seeds will have increased the total weight of the package, resulting in less cannabis for your buck.

Finding a reliable seed bank is a terrific method to get great seeds. These organizations take pride in their breeding abilities and ensure that their consumers receive similar items as advertised. They have reputations to uphold, so anything less would be detrimental to their image.

The other option is to take the risk of purchasing cannabis seeds from a hobbyist. We are not suggesting that hobby growers cannot generate good quality genetics. But, there is no way to tell if those seeds will grow if you do not know them or their capacities.


If you still doubt the quality of your cannabis seeds after examining their appearance and hardness. It is time to do a small test to figure out what you have got. This test is exceedingly simple, with only two possible outcomes. This easy and low-cost procedure is an excellent way to distinguish between good and terrible genetics; they will sink or swim.

Fill a drinking glass or glass jar halfway with water (ideally spring or distilled) and sprinkle your seeds on top. Cannabis seeds that float on the surface are most likely of poor quality and should get discarded. Seeds that sink like a botanical cannonball are probably healthy and should get stored for germination.

When doing the float test, some patience is required because the findings are not immediate. You will have to wait about 1–2 hours before you can see the results. Some high-quality cannabis seeds will require sufficient time to absorb enough water to sink. Take advantage of this time to water the garden and conduct some much-needed pruning. The ones that remain on the surface when you return are unlikely to be viable. And do not deserve extra attention, time & effort.

It is critical to perform this test only if you intend to germinate the seeds right away. The viable cannabis seeds that have sunk to the bottom of the glass will have absorbed water. It might have activated germination, as; water had crossed the membrane and brought it to life.


Cannabis seeds suppliers occasionally vacuum-seal and freeze seeds for long-term storage. But, commercially accessible ones in shops are in small plastic vials at room temperature and low humidity.

The main enemies of cannabis seeds storage are humidity and light. Besides that, they are suitable for storage in even the most chaotic conditions for up to two years. Marijuana seeds swept up off the floor or discovered in the bottom of a drawer can germinate & grow. Although they are robust, still, little care is a must, for they do not fall prey to adverse conditions.

People think that storing cannabis seeds in Michigan follow a different pattern but, it’s not true. Here also, you need to keep them in the plastic vials, away from humidity. Although, growing them here is a different scenario altogether, because of the unique climate of the region.


The quality of your harvest gets directly influenced by the quality of the cannabis seeds in your plastic vials. Keeping this in mind, make sure to apply the guidelines above to test the quality before purchase.

Always remember that each cannabis plant is unique and, as a result, will generate different types of seeds. And, the vice versa is also true, i.e., different varieties of cannabis seeds will germinate into the different types of plants.

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