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Is Dental Implants Best Solution For Missing Teeth


Do you have missing or broken teeth? Well, there are many people who suffer from these issues and don’t know the right solution for them. Having missing or broken teeth can make you feel conscious and can restrict you further to enjoy your favorite food. But, don’t worry, every problem has a solution. One of the most common people go for is dental implants. But, is it really a good solution to replace the broken teeth and prevent them from developing gum diseases? Hold on! Yes, you might be having many questions in mind. And, today we will guide you about the importance of getting dental implants in Raleigh  NC. Let’s check out!

Restore the entire tooth

As we all know, there are many dental replacement options available like – dentures and dental bridges. There are also dental crowns which recreate only a portion of teeth. While you may think these solutions are great, but in reality, they may leave the patient vulnerable to the jawbone degeneration.

When the tooth is lost, the body naturally begins to absorb the nutrients from the nearby jawbone as there is no support to the teeth. With time, this can sunken the appearance of the face and may even cause in the shifting of the teeth and make it seem out of place.

With the help of dental implants, everything can be a resort. In this procedure, a small titanium post is placed into the jaw to replicate the lost tooth structure. This will not only give a firm foundation to the natural teeth but will also support the surrounding teeth. Also, it will help to maintain the strength and shape over time. Thus, making it a better option than other dental replacement options.

Replace a number of teeth

While there are some patients who need single tooth replacement, others may need to replace the whole set of teeth. No matter which situation you are in, getting mini dental implants Raleigh in NC can help to replace any condition. Only a minor surgery takes place, through which a variety of dental prosthetic can be restored and comfort the patient’s need.

Dental implants can be connected to the entire denture or a single crown. These implants are better than the dentures as they are non-removable. You can enjoy them just like your natural teeth, and eat whatever you want.


Both the dentures and the bridges rely on the neighboring teeth and gums to be supported. But, the dental implants are inserted directly into the thick jawbone. Moreover, the replacement teeth will have a much stronger hold. That’s the reason, dental implants are strong. No matter which food you love eating, you can enjoy having it without worrying about the falling or breaking of teeth.

Build to last

One of the most significant reasons why people go for dental implants is they are build to last for 30 years. Other dental replacement options need to be replaced after every 5-10 years. But, that’s not the case with the dental implants. They last for around 30 years. So, you don’t have to worry much. It’s a one-time investment providing numerous benefits.

All in all, dental implants are a great solution for replacing teeth. Just make sure you choose a reputed dentist for getting dental implants in Raleigh North Carolina.

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