Investing in Smart Card Mifare 1k to boost your hotel business

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If you are running a hotel then it is vital that you have the highest security standards to avoid the risk of theft and to avoid the guests from turning away from your hotel.

One such method to increase the security of your hotel room is by using sophisticated tools like Smart Card Mifare 1k instead of the normal electronic room key cards. This has proven to be an excellent and safe choice to improve your hotel security as these are linked to your hotel’s computer systems.

Contactless smart cards are a good idea to bring the best results for your business needs. These can come in different sizes and offer different benefits. Although, the outlay on the cards is costly in the initial months but can prove to be reusable.

How does the card work? 

Due to advancement in modern technology, contactless delivering is gaining weight. In this case, the RFID tag allows information to be transferred directly to the network of machines using small microchip.

Your staff can monitor the situation and alert others in case of suspicious activity. Moreover, if the Hotel Room Key Card is misplaced or stolen then it can be quickly deactivated so that the security of the same is maintained.

Other benefits for using the cards 

Hotel keycards provide many benefits that can boost your hotel business and its growth. These can be complemented with Mifare 1K Woven Wristbands that are designed to help you with the various aspects of employee and hotel management. If due to some reasons these become misplaced or lost, then these can be quickly deactivated, and a new one can be brought in to replace it.

  • You can program the Smart Card Mifare 1k for getting the best security to the room
  • You can easily reprogram several cards for the same need.
  • Guests can place it in the pocket or wallet without causing any major pressure or discomfort
  • These types of Hotel Room Key Card help you to improve security by locking out any other forms of hotel keys.

Purpose of using the keycards

The main purpose of the RFID key complemented with Mifare 1K Woven Wristbands can grant you electronically the access to the giant hotel complex. This proves to be beneficial for you and your team as well.

This creates security benefits from the added security to the hotel staff. This allows you against criminal activity and protects you against would be burglars.

Likewise, the traditional key can be easily misplaced and is extremely bulky. These can fall away from the pocket as the same has a bulky design. On the other hand, the key card has a relevant and modern Design that quickly unlocks the room. The same is quicker to replace and affordable in comparison to a normal lock in the long run.


The contactless smart cards are an excellent choice to boost the outcomes of your business. You need to simply tap the same and lo and behold! The door will be opened instantly to deliver a relaxed approach to the situation.

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