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How To Transition To Cruelty Free And Vegan Makeup Brand

The Vegan industry is growing substantially. From food items to makeup products, everyone is willing to take off to the vegan world. The only difficulty that people face is during transition. Here are a few tips on how to transition to vegan cosmetics.

Know why choosing vegan makeup is important

Before you dive into a cruelty free makeup brand, you must know the reason why it is important. There are many cosmetic brands in the world that have some form of animal products in their makeup products. Beeswax, beetles, oil from sheep wool, gelatin, keratin from horse hooves etc are few of the animal products that might be present in your cosmetics. If not directly from animals then many products are derived directly from plant or animal sources. In order to get these products, many animals are killed or made to suffer. Animal testing is a mandaory requiremnet beofe selling such products. Hence it is high time that we understand animals and plants do matter and should not be harmed in any way for making makeup products.

Deal with your old stuff

Using organic vegan makeup products is great but wasting the already purchased stuff is against the ethical standards.  As you plan purchasing only vegan products, there might be chances that you have bought many products that are usable but not vegan. Hence we would recommend you to use your pre-purchased products before jumping onto cruelty free and vegan products. You can also consider donating these products to friends and family. 

Check the labels before purchasing

It is seen that many brands claim themselves to be a vegan brand but the ingredient labels on their products tell a different story. Every vegan product comes with a certified vegan and cruelty free label. Even if you buy a cruelty free foundation, you will see a label on the top of the product that denotes its cruelty free nature. In case the rpiocyt does not certify vegan labels, contact the company and manufacturers. Long story short, do proper research before purchasing a cruelty free foundation, lipstick, blush or any other makeup product. This will lessen the chance of purchasing a product that contributes to animal suffering.

Do not get confused with names

You may see makeup brands choosing every possible technique and tactic that can make thore product sell. Many brands go for names that resemble a renowned vegan makeup brand so that the consumers buy their products out of confusion. Battle those confusing names by researching before buying. Do not fall by any fancy or scientific name. It is just to cover the truth about the company. For example there is an ingredient named cetyl alcohol which is actually sperm whale oil but just to confuse consumers, brands write its scientific name on the product labels. Whenever you find yourself confused, Google the ingredients and enlighten yourself with the right facts.

Make use of applications

There are many applications that can educate you about various ingredients and products. For example if you see a cruelty free foundation but do not understand whether the ingredient mentioned on the label is vegan or not, type the name of the ingredient in the app and you will get your answer. 

Now that you know how to make this transition, it is time to treat yourself with a new lipstick, of course a vegan one!

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