How To Organize an Afternoon Tea at Home?

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There is no five o’clock tea without England, there is no England without five o’clock tea. The famous afternoon tea is in fact a timeless tradition in English land and includes a series of shared rules and exquisite typical dishes. This ritual, which has marked the life of the British for almost two centuries, appears to have been introduced in the nineteenth century by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who during the afternoon was always very hungry and could not wait for dinner. So at 17 he decided to want to drink a nice hot tea, but above all to accompany it with trays full of special delicacies, especially biscuits, cakes and pies, prepared with dedication by his cooks. Later the duchess decided to let her friends try this tasty snack and, as often happens, when the more affluent classes propose something new, all the others imitate them: this is how we can say that the afternoon tea fashion is born.

Basic Elements: Tea

First of all, as per afternoon tea Los Angeles, you need to choose a variety of teas suitable to your taste: there are those who are oriented towards the classic Earl Gray or the English Breakfast, those who opt for infusions with white, green, black, smoked leaves: the choice is complex but everyone can be satisfied if more teapots are used. The tea is then served in elegant porcelain cups and there are those who enrich it with milk and those who flavor it with lemon, a much less frequent choice: if you do it in front of an Englishman, you will be looked at with horror; even sugar is strongly discouraged.

Fundamental Elements: Food

All this accompanied by really delicious dishes, both sweet and savory: above all scones, sandwiches and sandwiches, cakes, pastries and biscuits. We have selected the most famous recipes for you: now that autumn is upon us and the rain begins to show itself more often, you can prepare perfect afternoon tea and enjoy a lazy English snack, perhaps directly in an armchair.

Scones: the recipe that more than any other represents the English tea ceremony is that of the scones. These tasty cakes are irresistible when accompanied, once warmed, by a light layer of butter, by strawberry jam, by clotted cream or alternatively by honey and lemon curd.

Butter cookies: tea and biscuits, and the afternoon is served. So as not to give in to the temptation to buy them ready at the supermarket, here’s a quick and easy recipe for delicious buttered biscuits.

Tramezzini: the most famous is the cucumber sandwich with slices of cucumber and butter, but during afternoon tea there can be variations of salmon or eggs, watercress and mayonnaise. The bravest ones opt directly for a rich Club Sandwich.

Battenberg cake: decidedly scenic and soft, this cake is ideal for tea time. Unlike Victoria Sponge, it includes almond flour and almond extract. To assemble it you need a veil of apricot jam.

Strawberry jam: to serve as a filling for your Victoria Sponge Cake or to spread on scones for a truly perfect afternoon tea you could also try your hand at producing homemade strawberry jam perfect for Tea in Los Angeles.

Lemon sweets: with this recipe you can prepare magnificent lemon sweets to amaze your guests with. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just perfect.

Victoria Sponge: the classic English afternoon tea cake is Victoria Sponge, also called Victoria Sandwich, due to its sandwich composition. It is usually stuffed with a generous layer of strawberry jam and a layer of buttercream.

Brownies: brownies are a decidedly more American and modern addition but chocolate lovers will certainly not disdain them. The ideal delicacy to finish afternoon tea in style.

By following these tips, we wish you a very sweet and delighted high-tea with your loved ones on a beautiful early evening.

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