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How To Move Large Files On SHAREit

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SHAREit is an app developed by the SHAREit Group, a Singapore-based company. The app made streamline file sharing, including large files. With over 1.8 billion downloads, this app has become a popular way for individuals to share their content without Bluetooth or an internet connection. You only need an internet connection to install the app. SHAREit is safe and fast to use, and here are some steps you can follow to move large files using it;

Install SHAREit app

Start by downloading and install SHAREit on devices running Windows (desktop, phone), IOS (6.0+), and Android (2.1+). The different devices require different ways of installing the SHAREit app. Here is how to install it on some devices;

  • On Windows

Visit the SHAREit page and download the app for Windows computers. Once you have it, open the setup file, click yes to continue. Next, accept the license agreement, and the SHAREit will be displayed as a desktop icon. It is best to download the app from the SHAREit Group website.

  • On Mobile

Your phone can either be an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. But the steps to downloading it are pretty simple. First, visit the Google play store, and look for the SHAREit app. Once it appears on the screen, press install. Click on accept on the terms and condition part then it will download. When it’s done, you will need to connect your phone to the PC. SHAREit will give you the options from which you can choose the most suitable one.

Connect to the Device You are Sending or Receiving from

Now that you have the app, the next thing you will need is to connect your devices to start transferring your files.

  • Connecting Windows from an Android phone

Method 1: Connecting to a PC will require you to search for the PC on the app. You will, however, have to open SHAREit on your PC and phone. On your phone, press the avatar icon, and you will see a few options, press connect to PC. It will search for the PC, and once it finds it, it shows the computer avatar on your phone and selects it. To make the connection, click & accept.

  • PC search mobile

Method 2: If the first approach fails, you can tap on the options on your phone in the SHAREit app. Choose Connect to PC, then tap on the PC search mobile option. Next, click the search hotspot of mobile on your windows and mobile avatar that will appear. It will connect automatically.

Method 3 – First, tap show QR Code on your Windows SHAREit, on your phone, then click connect to PC on the options. The screen will show Scan to connect, and you will need to align the QR code on the computer within the frame of your phone to scan. When you are done scanning, choose to connect either by hotspot on PC or hotspot on the phone, and it will connect.

  • Connecting windows from an iPhone and Windows phones

Open SHAREit on your Windows computer and tap the show QR Code option; then, on your phone, click on the avatar icon and choose the Connect to PC option. Next, tap Scan to connect on the phone, then align the QR Code on the Windows and Scan to scan to connect.

Transfer Large Files Using SHAREit on Windows

You have installed and connected your devices with SHAREit and the next thing to share your content.

To share large files from Windows to mobile, you will need to click the files button, navigate to where your files are, tap open, and automatically transfer the file to the phone.

When you want to share content from the mobile to Windows, click on the files button and select what you need to share, and tap next on the screen. The file will be transferred immediately.

Once you are done sharing content, you can press disconnect.

It’s an easy way of transferring your large files and is still safe and fast. Consider installing SHAREit on your device, and enjoy the journey of using it.



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