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How to find the perfect career options for hotel management graduates?

The graduate course of hotel management in Jaipur requires its aspirants to possess an impressive personality and good communication skills. Jobs for a graduate trained in hotel management in Jaipur are offered not only by Indian firms but also at international hotel chains.


In the era of globalization, the hotel and hospitality industry provides these graduates with many different sorts of portfolios. Some of the most favored jobs in this field are:


Hotel manager:

A person in this position is in charge of the overall operations of the hotel or chain of hotels. They are responsible for the standard of service as well as ensuring that all of the facilities are being offered to guests at all times. The hotel manager also supervises the workings of the banquet department to ensure that the quality of food being offered is perfect. Through these services, they are responsible for increasing the revenue of the hotel.


Front office manager:

This position supervises receptionists, information clerks, bell boys, doorman, reservation clerks, and more. They are also responsible to ensure that rooms being offered to the guests meet the requirements as per their hotel standards. They coordinate between the housekeeping and food and beverage departments to ensure that all requests by guests are fulfilled.


Housekeeping manager:

These individuals are responsible for the entire hotel premises like the reception area, banquet halls, meeting rooms, guest rooms, etc. Their responsibility is to clean and keep all areas of the hotel well maintained at all times. They are also responsible for training staff, supervising the work of cleaners, seamstresses, and other housekeepers. They also maintain the daily rosters of all staff at the hotel.


Food and beverage manager:

These professionals supervise, plan and organize the catering department. They are entrusted with the task of interacting with their guests and making sure that their needs and demands are fulfilled.


Restaurant and food services manager:

They are people who are in charge of all equipment being used in the restaurant premises as well as maintaining and repairing them. These items may be cutlery, paper, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, linen, fixtures as well as furniture.


Banquet manager:

These people are responsible for everything regarding any event to be held at the banquet halls. They are responsible for renting out space to private or corporate events and coordinate with other departments for equipment, snacks, foods, etc. that are required for the events.



They are usually the first ones to arrive at work and the last ones to leave. They are responsible for all meals being prepared, training the staff, ordering supplies, planning menus, managing the kitchen budget, preserving food quality, and enforcing health and safety regulations.


In order to be eligible for such roles, the candidates need to understand and learn all the nuances of the hospitality industry and one main thing to consider for the aspirants is the hotel management course in Jaipur fees, besides the reputation of the institute. Candidates trained in hotel management in Jaipur like Amity University can multitask and are preferred for employment due to their knowledge and experience of industry-specific skills. The graduates from Amity University for the course of hotel management in Jaipur are also honed by constantly testing them in real-life situations that expand their boundaries.

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