How Professional Shoe Dye In Los Angeles Dye Your Wedding Shoes To Complement Your Dress?

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Tradition is very important to a lot of people before starting their married life, so it’s very common for brides and grooms to dye their wedding shoes the same color as their wedding dress. Opting for leather shoe dye in Los Angeles is one of the best decisions you’ll make to customize your wedding day shoes and to get the exact color that you have desired to wear at your wedding.

Dyeing your leather wedding shoes through professional dyeing specialist is the best transformations that make you feel proud of. That’s simply because it gives you the exact result (color and shine) on your wedding shoes that you have thought. You can create something incredibly unique and custom that makes your fashion sense stand out from the crowd despite being a bride or groom. How these dying specialists do this?

With this post, you’ll come across the process which shoe resoling experts do to dye and repair your leather to maintain its shine lifelong.

Step- 1 Strip

Firstly, they strip off the coating on the leather as well as color from the shoes using the soft cloth and wipe stripper. They do the stripping of the leather-wearing the rubber gloves to protect their skin. In this stage also, they do the zipper repair work, if require and check the sole whether the need to do resoling in it or not. After cleaning and inspecting the shoe, the initiate to move to the second important step.

Step- 2 Leather Dye

Once the leather has been cleaned and prepared for dying, they shake the bottle of dye to stir it well. Then they gently apply the coat of leather dye on your shoes using a sponge brush in the same direction.

They will continue to apply as many coats until didn’t achieve the final shoe color that you want in your wedding shoes; it might be matching with your dress, bride’s dress or wedding theme. They have the option to dyes in any color from indigo, ultramarine or cherry red, so if you want to dye in particular color, they will make your wish come true and you’ll surprise to see the final result.

Step- 3 Finishing Touch

Once they finish with coating and can see the color is coming that you have desired, they will put in a dryer machine to soak the dye. At the last, they use leather luster like Kiwi with rage to add that illustrious shine in your leather and also check give finishing to it.

You’ll love your wedding shoes after dying it with a professional. If you would like to add some sophistication with a color which is difficult to find, then a shoe dying expert is your option to make your wedding day more special to you.

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