How a Montessori school of Tokyo can outweigh the benefits of traditional schooling?

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Children are born wise and are innately capable of achieving the impossible. Only when we start understanding the world from their perspective will we be able to educate them to prepare for the unknown obstacles that are bound to come their way. While the concept of schooling has been around for hundreds of years, rarely have there been reformational changes that cater to the needs of children in the context of how fast the world continues to grow.

Are there any barriers to quality education in Japan?

The nature of traditional schooling in Japan carries many barriers along with itself that stem out of systemic problems. It limits the child’s ability to adapt to the changing times by the time they are ready to graduate out of school. These barriers along with other factors such as standardized testing and low levels of student-teacher interactions can limit our children’s potential to be the best versions of themselves. 

How can parents help their children overcome these barriers?

Offering children an environment where their creativity can be allowed to develop without inhibition is the key difference between ordinary and quality education. The rise of Montessori schools of Tokyo is a testament to the growing desire of parents all across the country to avail quality education for their children from a young age. This arises from the capacity of Montessori schools to treat each child as a unique individual with their own exceptional needs, aspirations and challenges.

Located in Tokyo, the Global Indian International School (GIIS), a top Montessori school of Tokyo offers a state-of-the-art Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme of schooling wherein children are encouraged to explore their creativity to find joy in solving problems. The joy of problem-solving through self-inquiry thus prepares them to embark on their journey into adulthood with a sense of self-confidence that not only helps them uplift themselves but also those around them.

Wondering what would be the benefits of choosing a Montessori School over the ones with traditional forms of schooling? Listed below are five key reasons that can assist you in deciding why GIIS, the international school in Tokyo would be in the best interest of your little one’s future.

  1. Student-centric environment

As opposed to a teacher-centric setting where children are forced to keep up with their teacher’s pace of imparting knowledge, in a Montessori school, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. The teachers prepare the environment such that the children themselves can focus on learning by finding the tools of knowledge with a little help from their teachers.

  1. Teachers as Guides

The Montessori philosophy believes that every child is unique. Hence, teachers have one-on-one interactions with children where they listen to their problems and stimulate them to pursue the path of self-inquiry.

  1. Democratic curriculum

Since learning is self-directed, students in a Montessori classroom can choose elements of their curriculum in line with their interests. This allows gifted individuals to follow their passions instead of being limited due to pre-determined subject areas as seen in traditional schooling.

  1. Self-discovery through Play

The concept of self-discovery helps children become adept at recognizing the errors of their own thought patterns. With teachers acting as guides by their side, they are able to rectify their behaviours by themselves. The possibility of such learning has a multitude of benefits due to the nature of education being a process of play rather than work. With the lack of any negative judgement from teachers, every child is further motivated to take on challenges without the fear of failing.

  1. Flexible age-grouping

Having children interact with others a few years younger or older than them, prepares them for real-world situations where, as adults, we too are in the company of friends and acquaintances above and below our age groups. The lack of rigidity in grouping children as per their age further develops their social skills and improves their abilities to learn from peer-to-peer interactions.

Despite every parents’ best attempts to secure the highest quality education for their young one, traditional schooling brings in the fear of having missed out on particular vocations that could have completely transformed the lives of our children. This is where the Global Indian International School (GIIS) aims to make a difference. GIIS continually strives to address the fears of parents and resolves them by applying creative solutions to make the lives of our children more convenient than ever.


Considered to be one of the best international schools in Tokyo, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) is at the centre-point of the progressive education movement quickly gaining momentum around the world. By enrolling children at this highly-esteemed Montessori school of Tokyo, parents can significantly improve the learning experiences of their young ones.


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