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Hotel Software–Desktop Hotel Accounting and Payroll Program

Hotel Software
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Hotel Software is multipurpose and dedicated application adeptly handles bulk of hotel operations carried out in various hotels, restaurants, inns, motels, guest houses and many more. Front desk program is responsible for managing booking, check in and check out functions at a very cost effective and less time consuming manner. With this payroll software to hotel, user can develop customer database and stores huge amount of information for instance customer name, id, address, contact number etc. Application is amalgamated with “View All Rooms” feature using which user can get knowledge about availability and non-availability of rooms in fewer quantity of time. Customer or room details can be easily, added, edited or deleted as per requirements to make a record of existing customers, new customers or guest customers, occupied number of rooms, unoccupied number of rooms etc. Motel Software is harmonious with all kinds of windows platform involving Win XP, ME, 98, NT, 2007, 2010 and latest versions of operating systems.

Through smart stand alone hotel program, user can perform booking, check in and checkout transactions in a secure and safe way so that no accounting issues have encountered by our customers. Besides that application enables technical or sales support by providing cost effective and trustworthy solutions to any software query. Hotel Reservation program generates receipt for each and every transaction operated during check in/checkout and hand it over to our consumers for making a verification of their payment. Hotel Management application embraced with function of recording personal notes, maintaining monthly reports for all transactions handled in hotel. Hotel Management System accommodates in analyze reservation trends, leisure businesses, make record of repeat customers and many more activities required to manage in hotels.

Hotel Management Software Functionality

1. Set Hotel Profile–Append hotel name, address, contact information, currency, several kinds of taxes and other relevant description about hotels.

2. Set Up User–You can set username and password for login and logout features.

3. Check in–Enter or add customer details like name, ID, address, contact no etc; check in date, staying days and check out date. Also accountable for modifying room information for example room type, room number, floor, charges, amount per day etc.

4. Check out–Manage check out details like check out date, number of staying days etc along with customer personal details and room rent charges.

5. Booking-Direct booking descriptions like booking date, staying days to be spent, consumer confidential particulars, paid or unpaid amount etc.

6. Add/Edit Customer-Adjoin customer specifics for instance ID, name, gender, date of birth, address, city, state, country, nationality, passport no and card number so as to maintain a database record of all customers (prevailing, fresh or guest).

7. Insert/Modify/View Room–Put in room minutiae including room number, room type and room obtain ability through looking out occupied or unoccupied number of rooms.

8. Receipts–Make check in, check out and booking receipts.

9. Reports–Produce reports based on each month, year, week, day or semimonthly etc.

10. Other activities–Include varied events such that add miscellaneous charges like food, transport, repair etc.

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