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Home Hydration Simplified, Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Hydration when you desire, “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser

A warm cup of morning coffee or tea, the weather being chilly and the sun just rising over the horizon, is a perfect picture of an ideal morning. Having such an incredible morning also has to do with the ease of creating that first-morning cup. The “Kul” hot and cold-water dispenser is here to help you make that cup hassle-free, with instant hot, cold, ambient, or sparkling water at the push of a button.

All-weather hydration – “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser

The “Kul” is your ideal hydration partner throughout the entire year. It helps you get through those warm summer days with the perfect glass of chilled water with its industrial-grade cooling system ready to be used all day. This gives you access to all your favorite summer beverages and instant sparkling water to help you brew up those mocktails and cocktails as you might desire.

The “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser also gets you through those chilly winter months, giving you hot water when you need it most to make that cup of coffee or cocoa for your entire family. The “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser helps limit the hassle of hydration for all family members, with each one being able to get water at just the right temperature that they desire. Getting your children to hydrate has never been easier. The “Kul” also comes with parental controls to help ease parents’ minds when leaving the kids unsupervised at home. The “Kul” will not dispense hot water once activated as long as a code is not entered.

The “Kul” hot and cold-water dispenser also comes with advanced bio-filtration technology that helps filter out upwards of 80 harmful pollutants in water, which, if consumed, can cause serious health concerns. The “Kul” also has a built-in touch screen display giving you access to your water temperature settings on a slider scale, giving you the ability to alter just how hot or cold you want your perfect glass of water to be.

It also monitors your filter status and CO2 levels, making any future upkeep hassle-free. The “Kul” hot and cold-water dispenser can be easily connected to your existing water outlet or be used with a sidekick reservoir, which can be acquired at along with replacement filters and CO2 canisters. It’s all shipped directly to your door.

The “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser not only helps you keep your entire family hydrated but also ensures that it is the ideal hydration partner across all seasons and all weather conditions for years to come. The “Kul” hot and cold-water dispenser has been designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S. with the highest grade materials to ensure long-lasting hydration.

The “Kul” hot and cold water dispenser is also sustainable, with a built-in intelligent dispensing system that mitigates the wastage of water, ensuring there is no need ever to buy and store big boxes of single-use plastic bottles ever again.

Make the switch to a “Kul” lifestyle today.

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