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Handmade touch up decoration ideas to make wedding special

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The wedding is the most special event of couples of life. Decoration on the wedding reflects your personality and style. Apart from all the projects DIY projects are more successful when you are planning to save extra money on decoration. It consumes some time and efforts but at the end, you get the decoration burst with full of colors, creativity, and charm. Here we will take you to the DIY projects which are helpful to upgrade your wedding destination into the next level.

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1. Party Poppers filled with Confetti

Party poppers filled with confetti

Party poppers are used in quantity to shower on the wedding couples. Store-bought party poppers can eat your pockets instead make it at your own. You just need a half cut balloon and the round shaped tissue roll. The DIY project is so simple that even children can also help you in making this. Get the coloring tissue papers cut in small squares and fill it in the party poppers. You get tons of party poppers to shower on the couples.

2. Candlestick Centerpiece for Flowers

Candlestick Centerpiece for Flowers

The floral centerpiece is the center of attraction in wedding destination. You can’t afford flower centerpiece as they are costly. So here you can use candlesticks that are spray paint in golden color. Decorate the matching color flowers on the candle stick and here you go. You get the perfect wedding masterpiece ready in seconds.

3. Guestbook for complements

Guest book for complements

You must be willing to know how guests enjoy the wedding party. So here you can use one diary to register their complements for weddings. Decorate the couples name in one tag and sit it on the table. Guests have to note down special moments they have enjoyed during the wedding time.

4. Gold Shaded Balloons

Gold Shaded Balloons

You need to spend bucks to glitter the wedding party. Here comes the DIY project to tantalize the celebration. Get some latex balloons and spray paint or brush paint with gold color. Let them dry completely and you have got the best thing to glam up the “the knot” ceremony.

5. Flower Brooch Bouquet

Flower Brooch Bouquet

Every time you can’t go with the same thing. Create something which is new and applied for the trendsetter. Forget those fresh flowers and use groups of brooches to make a lovely clutch for the bride. You can go with the matching color brooch and form a flowery bouquet to sparkle the bride.

6. Bridal Invitations

Bridal Invitations

Bridal shower invitations are the best alternate for wasting money on date cards. You must have to be little crafty to put some charm and extra personal touch. The creativity fully depends on theme weddings. Use silk flowers, some silk ribbons, and pearl stickers and you’re drawing skills to add an extra glamour into the card.

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It is up to you how much time you can spend and use for making a DIY decoration. Truly speaking DIY decoration is successful and it is so much used for creating a themed decoration. Once you start doing it certainly you will get some idea of part of decorations. Absolutely it will create a fascination of dream land that is adorned with personal interest. In return, you will get lots of complements in guest book for decorating venue with DIY projects.

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