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Good real estate investment options for NRIs during the COVID-19 pandemic era

Written by Abiskyritkriti

The COVID-19 pandemic has virtually taken a toll on the Indian economy, relatively more specifically the real estate industry compared to other industries. Consequently, construction activities in many locations of the country have reached a standstill. Inventory has stacked up and pending sales have affected the liquidity supply in the region. In addition, the slump in the GDP of the country has made the Indian Rupee go down in value even more. In such miserable conditions, if there is any hopeful thing for anyone in India, it is undoubtedly the real estate investment for NRIs.

Here are four great reasons why investment in real estate properties by NRIs is a levelheaded decision:

  • Less Rupee Value 
Since March 2020, the value of INR has plummeted by 7% in comparison to the US dollar. This implies the fact that NRIs now have the very available opportunity to invest in more cost-effective real estate properties. Besides this, since real estate does not involve any critical risk as compared to other investments, NRI investors can look forward to receiving great RoI too.

  • Condensed Home Loan Rates
The RBI or Reserve Bank of India has dropped the Repo Rate from 5.75% to 4.40% on March 26, 2020, to give a boost to the financial system. The same plummeted the home loan interest rates too. As per the record obtained in May 2020, the interest rates are surprisingly low virtually ranging from 5.14% to 5.8%.

  • Fewer Returns on Other Investments 
Some other types of investments such as gold and fixed deposits are also surmised safe investment options. However, the value of these properties is also badly affected in the wake of the pandemic. While the gold prices plummeted by 0.6% in April 2020, the interest rate on fixed deposits was also cut down by several money-providing institutions. Considering the critical situation, real estate can come out as an investment option showing potential.

  • Exciting Offers for NRIs by ARP 
As an NRI, if you are targeting Pune to invest in real estate properties, then there are various real estate builders and developers offering various exciting offers, payment schemes, and other amazing plans for you.

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