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Get Instant Loan Approval with Hassle Free Process at Buddy Loan.

Over the last few decades, the financial industry has been changed completely. From various financing options available in the market, personal loans have become the most popular one among the millennials because of their ultimate flexibility, versatility, ease of use. Best personal loans are unsecured, do not require any collateral for security, and can be used for multiple purposes. Be it a medical emergency, home renovation, buying gadgets, or big-ticket purchase, one can use the loan amount of their choice. In this fast-paced era, everyone looks for instant products and personal loans are not an exception. Instant loan approval helps people meet their personal requirements on an immediate basis.


If you have previously applied for the best personal loans, then you would know the stress of excessive paperwork and the time required to get the approval. Multiple visits to the lender, filling out the number of forms, submitting unnecessary documents, the overall process was tedious and time-consuming too. The time taken for the verification and approval process, make the entire thing cumbersome. But in the last few days, with the inception of modern technology and advancements, the fintech sector is taking the loan process to the next level. Now applying for a loan to submitting documents, everything is online and can be done through the lender’s website and mobile application. Previously, it used to take days to get the loan approval, but now the time has been reduced to 24-36 hours. The burden of extra paperwork has been reduced to online documents submission. All these smart ways make the entire loan activity smooth and hassle-free. Check out the below factors that help you avail instant loan approval to meet all the financial needs.

  • Simple Loan Eligibility Criteria

Before you apply for a quick personal loan online, you should first determine the eligibility criteria as most of the lenders set simple eligibility before approving any loan application. For instant approval, go through the criteria and then proceed.

  • Quick Documents Submission

Easy application procedure and faster documents submission let you avail an instant approval for your loan application. Most of the lenders allow for online submission through the mobile app or any other electronic device. Once the documents are processed and verified, you can expect the loan amount to be reflected in your account within 24-36 hours. Instant loan approval by sitting at your home comfort.

Make sure to keep all the documents handy before approaching any lender including Proof of Identity, Address Proof, Employment Proof, Income Proof, and photographs.

  • Maintain Good Credit Score

Lenders always check your credit score before approving loan applications. Hence, it’s highly recommended to hold a good credit score i.e., above 750+ to ensure an instant loan approval. Even if your score turns out to be down, improve it by repaying your existing loans or credit bills timely.

  • Check Your Credit History

If you are looking for instant approval, then it’s suggested that you check when you last applied for a personal loan. If you have applied for a loan recently, then lenders might doubt your financial condition. There should be a few months gap between your two loan applications.

  • Determine All the Key factors

Regardless of how urgently you need funds, it’s important to consider all the factors including interest rate, repayment policy, prepayment, or hidden charges levied by different lenders. Compare and analyze before applying for a loan.

Before you apply for the best personal loan online, make sure you check and determine all the key factors to ensure an instant loan approval. At Buddy Loan, you can avail of a loan of up to Rs. 15 lakhs at a low-interest rate and flexible repayment. Apply now and enjoy instant approval.

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