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Get Immediate Relief With Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow

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Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow is a very commonly occurring injury. When suffering from this problem, the tendons get inflamed and affects the outer part of the elbow. As the name suggests, this problem is commonly seen in tennis players, sports participants, golfers, and manual laborers, though this problem is not restricted to the ones mentioned above.

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Tennis Elbow- The Symptoms

The problem of tennis elbow can afflict anyone. Since it is easy to detect the problem through its classic symptoms, most importantly, through pain, the treatment can begin immediately. The primary symptom of tennis elbow problem is experiencing excruciating pain in the upper elbow region. It also pains a lot when trying to handle even lighter objects like a doorknob or flex fingers, lifting a coffee mug, etc. It is imperative to undergo immediate treatment as chronic tennis elbow problem may make it difficult to treat. Thus, it should not be taken lightly. Pain is the most important indicator of any irregularity in the coordination of the body.

Some of the common tennis elbow symptoms are-

  • Burning or pain outside the elbow

  • The pain gradually radiating outside towards wrist and forearm

  • Difficulty in gripping

  • Weakened grip strength

Diagnosis of the Problem

It is important to understand that this problem cannot be diagnosed from blood tests or sometimes by getting an X-ray done. It is diagnosed only through observation and the account of the patient about the pain he is experiencing. Physical examination can also help an incorrect diagnosis.

The pain can be pinpointed at the outer part of the elbow, just 1-2 cm down the bony area. The pain is experienced even when the hand is bent backward against resistance.

Living With The Pain

The constant pain makes it difficult to live a normal life. Thus, it is important to undergo immediate treatment. Most often than not, people go for cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications or surgery as the final resort. In fact, the problem can be treated by physical therapy for tennis elbow.

How Physical therapy works?

Physical therapy aims at promoting healing, reducing inflammation and pain and lowering the stress levels and abuse on the inflamed elbow. Regular therapy by an expert therapist can help the patient recover in no time. The best part of this treatment option is that there are no side effects. The therapist gets the patient to perform suitable exercises and a lot of stretching that helps in faster healing of tennis elbow.

Sports physical therapy is aimed at bringing immediate relief to the sportsperson who get afflicted from a variety of painful issues while playing their chosen sports. The therapy is imparted by experienced sports therapists who have an immense idea about this treatment methodology. Undergoing regular therapy help in bringing about a marked improvement in blood circulation. The patient is also advised to rest his elbow so that the healing is faster.

It is better to take tennis elbow issue seriously and start the treatment without wasting time as chronic trouble can make complete recuperation problematic.

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