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gabriel kuhn and daniel patry

The Murder Case Of Gabriel Kuhn By Daniel Patry


Recently the Internet is getting filled up with murder cases that happened years ago. Seems that it is gaining ground again, and a lot of users are getting interested to know about this. The issue regarding which I am going to report in this article was a 2007 murder case that happened between two teenagers.

Now the case has opened up again, and as a result, people are showing interest and wanting to know what happened exactly so many years ago. The murder case that took place between two teenage boys is shocking.  Now, what exactly happened, after all, types of Research, I have come up in this article in a detailed format. The Autopsy report of Gabriel Kuhn’s murder case has brought this into the limelight that the case should be discussed in detail. 

As per some reports, it is concluded that the boy had died at his residence, and had serious injuries in his body. 

In this article, you will be able to know much more details about what happened regarding Gabriel Kuhn’s death.

The Case History Of Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

According to sources, it is revealed that Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were associated with a murder case. Both were teenagers. Gabriel Kuhn was aged just 12 years and Daniel Patry was 16. Daniel was the one who killed Gabriel after many days of torture and harassment.  He died with serious injuries all over his body. The murder took place in Brazil over an issue that woke up the rise of a game known as Tibia.

As it is revealed, Daniel killed Gabriel because he took money from Daniel for playing a game and later killed him.  After all, Gabriel didn’t agree to pay back the money that he took from him. When Daniel was interrogated, it got revealed that he was always a hyperactive child, who had severe anger issues. His parents insisted he go for Psychiatric therapy but he refused to go.

The Whole Story Is Explained Here

Daniel discovered a game called Tibia and he began playing that game with his partners, Gabriel and Stephen. All three began to start playing and while playing, Gabriel requested Daniel to lend him some money that he can employ in that game. He wanted 20,000 in digital mode. Daniel granted this request on one condition that he would pay him back as soon as possible. As Gabriel delayed in returning the money, Daniel kept on calling Gabriel’s mom, as to when she would return to her house and clear his debt.  Meanwhile, Daniel got more enraged. Gabriel’s mom was in Nova Trento when the crime occurred. The incident occurred at night. Then he went straight to Gabriel’s house and knocked on the door. But he didn’t get any response for a certain amount of time.

When Gabriel refused to open the door, Daniel said that if Gabriel would apologize to him, he won’t say anything and the matter will get closed.  Gabriel thought this was true and he opened the door. But as he opened the door, Daniel came in and hit him violently with a weapon and started assaulting him violently. Soon, he got covered in blood and Daniel emerged quite satisfied while taking his revenge. Daniel got angrier when Gabriel blackmailed him that he knew certain family secrets which he will expose about Daniel. 

Lastly, Daniel tied a cord around Gabriel’s neck and robbed him of his senses forever.


Even Daniel’s Parents confessed that their Child is not normal, and they wanted to send him for therapies in psychiatry. But they failed. It was very difficult to get hold of him. He was addicted to this game called Tibia and always spend time on this and even bunked school for this reason.  It was not a shock for him to get into murder because he was always hyper. Because of the nagging that he did Gabriel for money but didn’t get it back and because of the threats that Gabriel gave him, Daniel became all the more encouraged to perform this action.

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