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Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

We all know about Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn is a Swiss citizen who has an educational background that includes Latin American studies and political science (he holds a master’s degree in the latter field from the University of Vienna). His name was made famous after he released his work “Soccer vs. the State: Dealing with Football and radical Politics (published through PM Press 2010].

Gabriel Kuhn is also an author for Le (neither of the two books can be found on Amazon however you can buy directly from the publisher). Le’s blurb, which is available on Amazon. Le the collection of short stories, that include illustration from Daniel Patry , reads: “The best-selling writer Gabriel Kuhn is the author of eleven stories, some of them straightforward fiction, while others are akin to essayistic prose. The stories are that are written to address the current global environment. While they’re located in different countries but they are linked by two common themes that are power and abuse.”

“The short stories Daniel Patry has selected for the German-language version of Gabriel Kuhn’s newest essay collection are as universal. They put ordinary people in a situation in which they must deal with injustice and violence – whether at work, in the streets or in the home… A reader is likely to be able to contrast these stories, not just with works by Franz Kafka , but as well in journalists’ pieces on human rights abuses around the globe today.”

Daniel PATRY’S WEBSITE (in French) :

Le by Gabriel KOHN, released in English by Little Village Magazine

“The best-selling author Gabriel Kuhn presents eleven stories with a few simple fiction pieces, others that border on essayistic prose , all that are written to address the world’s current circumstances. While they’re situated in different nations however, they’re all connected through two themes the abuse of power and power.”

Gabriel kuhn

“Today at 34 years old the author as well as translator Gabriel Kuhn lives in Vienna along with his spouse and daughter Anna. After having studied Latin American history and political science at university , he worked as a freelance journalist with different media outlets around four years ago, when Kuhn devoted himself entirely in writing.”

In addition, Kuhn is also the author of Soccer vs. the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics (PM Press, 2010) He wrote the book over the course of six months in 2009. The book analyzes football from an anticapitalist left-wing perspective. It was written as a response to the what Kuhn describes as “the the spectacle” that is a part of the sport such as football and their fans not just in America but throughout the globe.

Publishing books may be one thing, but writing them under your personal name is a different thing! Gabriel Kuhn isn’t really his real name…

“The people who called me Johann Augustin Junior,” says the author on his website . “It’s not my actual name or my name de plume but it’s something I came up with to make it easier for me to publish.”

it is hard to discern other than a German-sounding name such as Gabriel Kuhn.”

Daniel patry

The 34-year-oldauthor, with the real name of Gabriel Kuhn, wanted to choose common, everyday titles for his novels, so that they could be more easily accessible.

“It’s difficult to convince people to be interested in radical political views,” says the author. “I do not want to make it harder than it is.”

The writer has used a variety of identities in the course of her work as a translator and journalist.

The work Soccer vs. The State: Tackle the issue of football and Political Radicalism was published using the pseudonym Juan Andres Gomez , because the author did not wish for football fans to judge the book prior to going through it.

Kuhn selected the name Johann Augustin as his fake name “because I wanted it to be as authentic as it could be. Also, everyone knows about Goethe.

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