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Food Safety Dubai has been primarily developed to improve awareness of food safety for those who are in charge of food handling. There are 3 levels of Food Safety in which the full training courses are being discussed and if we want to look at a glance then the Level 2 Award in Food safety is particularly suited to shop floor room staff. This international qualification would be dedicatedly delivered to learners through a four Hours training course. Topics that the food safety course contains include personal hygiene, cross-contamination sources, and the significance of cleaning and common sources of pathogens. It is also good to have for those who own or manages smaller food businesses. Level 3 Award in Food Safety is a regulatory requirement based qualification and as such is recognized as providing standardized best practice. Delivery would typically be through a 16 hours training course. Topics covered will include HACCP food safety-based management procedures, preliminary steps, the outline of 7 principles of HACCP, legislation, allocation of roles and responsibilities, hazards and risks, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, documentation, and record-keeping. IN the Level 4 Award in Food Safety, the topics that are going to be covered are an outline of food safety and contamination, microbiology (multiplication and survival hazards), food-borne illness, personal hygiene, training and education, food safety management and HACCP.


Fssc 22000 Training has been designed to discuss the need required to keep the food safe and hygienic and also to create a proper understanding of the requirements that is the Food Safety Management (FSM) standard FSSC 22000. The Basic foundation for FSSC is laid out by the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the European Union (CIAA), it has taken ownership of this certification scheme and this is now a GFSI Benchmarked and recognized scheme for Food safety management system certification. Due to the globalization of food production and procurement, food chains are becoming lengthier and more complex and subsequently, we find an increased risk in Food-related problems. This training is very much needed if you are involved in FSMS of food manufacturers that process or manufacture animal products, perishable vegetal products, products having a long shelf life, food additives, vitamins, and bio-cultures. The training provides you with an abstract of the purpose and requirements of FSSC 22000 and its additional requirements of ISO/TS 22002-1, and if anyone applying these can get the assurance to improve their business methods. By the completion of the training, you will be able to fully understand the purpose of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). You will also be able to ascertain the purpose, requirements and the certification process and how it aids the continual improvement of the FSMS.

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