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Five Things That Can Make Your Golf Course Suffer

You are most likely to consider reseeding when you see your golf course suffering. You have invested in the best quality turf equipment for sale. These machines and equipment do not provide you with immunity against potential problems. Steps like reseeding do not provide a permanent solution. You will have to repeat these solutions again and again. You can achieve a permanent solution by finding and fixing the root cause of the problem. In this article, we have compiled a list of five common problems that can make your turf suffer. 

Poor Drainage 

The water should effectively move across the turf surface or down through the soil. If the water is not moving, there is a drainage issue. This is the reason why the drained soil becomes saturated with water. Roots of the grass do not get adequate oxygen. When this happens, the turf succumbs to the stress and eventually dies. The issue of drainage can be easily fixed. You can use a catch basin to drain the water from the surface or use an in-ground drainage system.


A nearby structure or trees can cause excessive shade. As a result, the turf becomes thinner and eventually dies. The problem becomes serious when you have planted a specific type of grass such as bermudagrass. This type of grass requires exposure to the sun for six to eight hours per day. The grass does not thrive when the grass does not get proper exposure. Following are the different ways you can remediate excessive shade:

  • When you are looking for other turf equipment for sale, also include a sun sensor in your list. You can measure the amount of sunlight the turf is receiving. 
  • Choose the right type of grass. 
  •  Review other options such as turf substitution, tree removal and more. 


Cart traffic, foot traffic or maintenance equipment moving back and forth can lead to wear and tear. You can easily fix the root cause of the problem. You can swap out maintenance equipment. Think about different ways you can reduce all sorts of traffic from your golf course. The turf receives the maximum abuse at the entry and exit points. Though it is not easy to manage foot traffic, you can take advantage of the latest technology. 

Water Quality 

The shortage of water affects turf in different areas in different ways. Water has a direct impact on the grass. Your golf course needs a technology-equipped irrigation system. However, you cannot just leave everything on your irrigation system. Make sure that the system is doing its job effectively. Make sure that there is an equal distribution of water across all turf areas. Pinpoint the problems with the help of catch-can tests and irrigation audits. These tests can uncover large variances in water distribution on the turf. The solution may include increasing or decreasing irrigation or adjusting irrigation heads.  

Water Quality 

Sometimes the problem occurs due to the quality of the water not because of the quantity only. The combination of inadequate irrigation and poor quality of water can maximize the sufferings. This hurts your turf the most, especially in drought-like conditions. Always use quality water for irrigation. Run all the water quality tests if you are using recycled water. 

These are the five important factors that can make your golf course turf suffer. You cannot just rely on your golf course equipment, golf course maintenance practices are also very important. 

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