Fast, Reliable A4 Colour Laser Printer Produce World-Class Printing Result

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Working on hi-end printing technology can be overwhelming. To make this vision possible you will not only have to work out precisely on the type of printer you need, but also need to identify what specific kind of printing you need that printer able to do! There is only one emerging printer that is designed to meet every expectation- A4 colour laser printer known for its long-term economic advantages as well as its reliability. These printers are worldwide known for their efficiency and specifications which meet today’s printing quality expectation.

How does a colour laser printer?

It’s a technologically advanced printer which uses either a pen, pencil or marker to draw lines onto the page creating accurate and sharp images.

Difference between standard printer and colour plotter

There used to be a point of time when a traditional printer uses multiple toners to print dots of ink onto the paper or any surface where printing needs to be done. This printing technology, then make straight line not as accurate 180 degree straight as it might need to be. In contrast, A0 colour plotters using a precise tool, for example- pencil, and then start printing straight lines more accurate than the traditional ones.

Additionally, a plotter printer used to print on a variety of printing surfaces, not just on paper. There is hardly any object which plotter printer can’t print like from plywood, cardboard to plastic.

Color Printer Option You Can Consider

There is a wide assortment of large-format plotter printers available from a big brand, including HP, Canon, Pantum, and Epson. Here are the top 3 best picks for you to consider, to use for A long time with precise quality printing results.

  • HP Designjet T830

A robust quality 36-inch printer built to last. It has the potential to print a line of A1 size in just 25 seconds, which make it one of the fastest printers around.

  • Canon image PROGRAF iPF825

It’s a 44-inch giant size printer, so you can conveniently print onto very large size material. It is one another high-speed plotter printer with an A1 print coming out in just 24 seconds.

  • Epson SureColor SC-T7200

For the most demanding CAD and other animated work, this model of EPSON works great. It can produce flawless A1 prints in just 28 seconds. This printer uses Epson’s UltraChrome XD pigment to generate crisp, dense lines and fine printing results with accuracy.

When it comes to printers, these three options are the world’s popular brands and are known for good reason! These options will worth your closer look.

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