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Explore The Hidden Charms Of Burma With Customized Myanmar Travel Packages

Myanmar group tours
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Myanmar group tours

When planning to make a visit in Southeast Asian countries with a customized tour package, one just can’t overlook this stunningly charming country with warm vibes. That’s right, Myanmar is one those nature’s blessed land where travelers can indulge themselves in its breathtaking beauty, rich history and exciting activities with customizable Myanmar travel packages which make their overall visit a remarkable one. With a prideful historical background, the great architecture built on this golden land will surely mesmerize you.

After decades of being off-limits, Myanmar has become one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing tourist destinations, with untouched beaches, ancient temples, world-class delicious cuisines, and a rich culture to tangle with-all together make delightful Myanmar group tours, family or couple.

Have a look at these tempting things to do in Myanmar which also be included in your traveling package.

  • Visit amazing Kayah Community

These communities offer the fascinating, fun insights into local life and culture in Pan Pet, a village of long neck women. The short trek, cultural and nature trail give tourists the chance to explore a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, a monument which honours the village clan, an animist bird totem, and a guardian spirit cave, the ‘Kayhtoebo’ hall and shrines, where animist traditions are practiced. The Artisans’ Trails provide visiting  traditional  Kayan homes, seeing artisans making Kayan bracelets, weaving traditional textiles, carving wooden statues, weaving bamboo, or other handwork. You can try traditional Kayan rice wine and Kayah barbecue by the seven lakes before sunset.

  • Climb the famous Mandalay Hill

To experience the divine beauty of Myanmar, climb the 760 ft high Mandalay hill by passing the several sacred temples and pagodas on your way. It is the most dominant summit of the city and a perfect destination for a nature lover to watch the exquisite moment of sun-rise and set over the plains.

  • Count your footsteps at the U Bein Bridge

Walking on the world’s oldest and longest teakwood bridge in Taungthaman Lake is an amazing experience of its own kind. While walking on the bridge, the stunning surrounding of the lake will immerse you in its beauty. Taking a tour in this bridge is surely one of the heart pleasing things to do in Myanmar.

  • Explore the stilted houses at Inle Lake

The lake offers both rejuvenation and stunning landscape views for visitors to click some of the best shots of their memorable stay in this scenic land. It is the second largest lake in the country offers several exciting things to do in its vicinity like Kayaking, touring the floating farm, fishing, and shopping. It is a destination for a laid-back and relaxing vacation.

  • Get the enjoyment of roadside shopping Spree in Yangon

If you are the one who loves to collect memories from each destination you have visited, this one is just for you! Since Yangon is filled with many shopping markets and visitors Yangon day trips will be incomplete without strolling into one. Most of these markets are famous for their hearty street food specialties that can tangle your taste buds while you shop for clothes, souvenir, and accessories as a lifetime memory of Myanmar.

A tailor-made tour with the experienced travel agent will uncover other hidden highlights and interesting activities of this blissful country. Let our team of passionate Myanmar travel specialist be your guide and let you experience being in a destination full of new and exotic charm

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