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Experts said: Artificial intelligence offers more individualized instruction for students

Artificial Intelligence, the world is talking about this technology and how it is influencing different segments. While the world is pondering over reducing the screen time, AI is opening up new avenues of educating individuals by providing more comprehensive learning modules which are far more realistic and to the point. As per the report of the Artificial Intelligence Market, the role of AI in the field of education in the US is going to grow by 47.5% from 2017-2021. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that AI is going to replace teachers. The algorithms of AI work on the preset database, and in the education sector, every student is different from others, and so the role of the teacher is irreplaceable. However, there is a greater probability of having a blend of AI and teachers changing the course of rendering education and assessment in the times to come.

AI impacting the education sector-

  1.  Teacher and AI working together- Taking the above-mentioned points ahead, we are now going to talk about how a teacher and AI will work in collaboration and will change the course of education in the times to come. AI is already being used across the different education sector to develop skills and testing systems. AI can help in filling the gaps in between learning and teaching. In simple words, AI is going to enhance the efficiency of teachers. The reason that there is a greater emphasis on AI is that it is going to form the future, and training the students with the aid of such a technology is going to help them become equipped to face the future.


  1.  Differentiated and individualized learning- While we are talking about use cases of AI in the education sector, one of the approaches is to have individualized learning. It means that there should be a system which focuses on the strength and weakness of every student and based on this, the learning module can be prepared. Although this can be easily done by teachers, with the assistance of AI, the differentiation that you will notice is unmatched.

Well, this is not just the whitepaper that we are talking about. Rather there are companies like Carnegie Learning, and Content Technologies are developing intelligent instruction design and AI-enabled platforms which are used for the assessment of students and sending them individual feedback. This assessment has been designed for students from pre-K to college-level. It identifies the gaps and sends the reports to students.

  1.  Automates the admin tasks– Another advantage of AI is that it can streamline and automate most of the tasks. An educator has to spend a lot of time in the assessment of tests and homework. However, with AI, we can surely reduce this time. Machines are already trained to assess multiple choice sheets, but bow companies are working on the easy assessment of AI written answers as well. While doing this assessment, AI can also come in by providing the right recommendations to full in the learning gap.


  •  Universal access for all students – One of the new developments that pandemic has taught is that we have learned to optimally use the online medium. Since most of the schools are now providing online lessons, it holds a promising prospect for the future. With the help of AI, we can make global classrooms available to all the students. This class is also accessible to students who speak different languages or have some impairments. With the help of the presentation translator, we can have subtitles in real-time. Thus making learning easy for all. This is going to be of great advantage for the students who are not able to go to school or don’t have the right infrastructure for learning.
  • Support outside the classroom– Another example of how AI is influencing individualized learning is the support that extends outside the class. We want to highlight here about various studying programs that are AI-enabled. These programs are specially designed as per the learning and comprehension capability of an individual. Hence, these are far more effective and helpful.


The crux of the matter is that AI is making the education sector far more powerful, smart and streamlined. With the use of the right technological support teachers and even parents can assess the learning pattern and capabilities of an individual, and based on it, they render the learning.

Conclusion– These are some of the basic use cases of AI in the education sector. Most of the AI experts and even educators believe that with the intervention of technology, we can have more student-oriented learning which is far more powerful.

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