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There are several Salesforce professionals out there who are familiar with Salesforce and can develop, operate or provide consultation regarding the CRM platform. It is difficult for enterprises to choose reliable and efficient professionals out of this pool. Salesforce certification solves this issue to a considerable extent.

What Is Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce Certification is an official credential proving your skills and proficiency regarding the operation, development or consultation of the CRM platform. Like any other field, Salesforce certifications act as a stamp of approval, verifying the fact that you are thorough with a specific realm of Salesforce and can be entrusted with critical responsibilities.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a working professional (preferably in the IT field) or a beginner wanting to learn the intricacies of Salesforce, you can opt for a Salesforce certification of your choice, give the examination and obtain your certification.

There is no definite resource material one should refer for specific examinations. However, there are several videos, blogs and articles available all over the internet that would help you prepare for your test. Trailhead, a training platform owned by Salesforce is an ideal option to train yourself thoroughly for the examination.

However, do not have the misconception of certification examinations being easy to clear. The questions asked (with the majority of exams having all multiple-choice questions) ensure whether you are thorough with every little concept and know practical implications of the same. Also, the application-based questions test your analytical and problem-solving skills within a limited period.

Why Obtain Salesforce Certification?

One of the major benefits of obtaining a Salesforce certification is that makes you more marketable as a Salesforce professional. Many reputed business organisations have made it mandatory for new applicants for having a Salesforce certification related to the post they are applying for.

This implies that getting Salesforce certified gives you an edge over your peers. It is assumed that certified professionals have a better and more updated knowledge about the platform than other professionals. Having a certification will therefore not only increase your chances of landing a job in a reputed organisation but also increase the probability of getting a raise in your current organisation.

Apart from the material gains, obtaining Salesforce certification also enriches your knowledge of the platform. It makes you understand familiar concepts better and introduces you to aspects you were not familiar to earlier. In short, getting certified in Salesforce ensures your wholesome development about the CRM platform.

How Much Does Salesforce Certification Cost?

Getting Salesforce certified can cost you anywhere from $200 to a whopping $6,000. However, the $6,000 tag is only for the Salesforce Technical Architect Certification. Majority of other certifications cost you either $200 or $400 for the first attempt. The second attempt at the examinations would cost you nearly half of the first attempt.

There is one Salesforce certification that can be obtained free of cost, which is the Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional Certification. This certification is specifically designed for Salesforce pre-sales, partner sales and business development professionals who are already engaged in providing Salesforce solutions and are pre-approved for the certification.

Types Of Salesforce Certifications

There are four major types of Salesforce certifications, each consisting of certifications serving a similar purpose.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrators occupy a highly important position in an organisation. They are the experts maintaining a balance between the technical and managerial aspects of the platform. Salesforce Administrator certifications officially verify your skills and abilities to become a distinguished administrator, working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the platform is utilised at an optimum level.

Some of the major Salesforce Administrator certifications are:

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator

Salesforce Developer

These certifications are designed for the technical and coding experts wanting to verify their skills of developing and customising specific tools, platforms and applications of Salesforce. These certifications will verify your ability to create customised applications and extend the functionality of the existing ones.

Here are some of the major Salesforce Developer certifications:

  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 and 2
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

Salesforce Architect

These are some of the most expensive and detailed Salesforce certifications designed for software architects. They verify your ability to design and provide personalised technical solutions in an efficient manner. There are three major tiers of this certification, each of which can be obtained by obtaining certain specific prerequisites:

  • Salesforce Architecture Designer
  • Salesforce Application Architect
  • Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Consultant

These Salesforce certifications verify the skills and abilities of professionals with respect to providing personalised consultation for specific tools, platforms and features of Salesforce. Some of the major Salesforce Consultant certifications are:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Pardot Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

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