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Essential Real Estate Terms You Should Know

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The world of real estate is very complex and it is extremely difficult for any layperson to navigate through it without any help from a professional and expert person. Therefore, only to have a better understanding of the system when you are in-between making our transaction regarding real estate, but in general to have a better understanding of what the real estate industry looks like you should know some essential real estate terms which will help you a lot. They will make sure that you are able to get the best property listing.

In this article seven of these essential terms are mentioned in detail so that you can grasp their understanding easily.

Adjustable-rate mortgage

Almost all Americans are familiar with the term mortgage especially in the context of houses. An adjustable-rate mortgage is where the rate of mortgage can change after a fixed period of time has elapsed. This change is pegged with some financial indexes in the market.


This is the process when a lender sends out an appraiser to the property for which they are about to lend you money. The purpose of this is that they want to make sure the price that you have quoted to them is the real and the fair market price. This also makes sure that any fraud within the system is also identified.

Appraisal contingency

This term is directly linked to the previous term that we have mentioned here. Here if the appraiser that is sent by the lender to assess and evaluate the property for which they are about to give you money makes an assessment that the real price of the property is much less than the loan amount that has been issued to you, then the lender has the option two dissolved the purchase agreement Anne also annul the loan agreement that they have signed with you.

As is

This is also one of the most common terms that have been used in the real estate industry. This term is trying to identify a piece of property that has been listed on the market. However, it requires a lot of repairs. But the seller has made it clear that they will not be doing most of the repairs that should be done in normal circumstances. In this scenario, a property is labeled as is.

Backup offer

When a seller has listed their property in the market, they are bound to receive a lot of offers for their property. They have full liberty to choose any offer. However, once they have chosen one offer they have to stick with it. But at the same time, a buyer who is also interested in buying that property can submit their backup offer so that in case the first offer all transaction falls apart, the seller can sell the house to the buyer who has presented the backup offer.

Blind offer

A blind offer is referred to an offer that is made by a buyer without even seeing the property. This is mostly made in circumstances when the property is being sold in a very competitive and highly demanded area.

Buyers agent

In order to perform the best duties, I seller and buyer should have different agents so that the interest of the parties should not be compromised. The buyer’s agent is supposed to make sure that all the interests of the buyer are protected against all costs.


Finding the best residential property listings realtor is not an easy task at all. Trust is a rare commodity that is present in the real estate industry. Therefore, whether you are a seller or buyer in the real estate market, you should make sure that you have some preliminary information so that no one can take advantage of your situation.

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