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Ensure Timeless UX for better conversions at WordPress powered Website

Written by akashdeepsharma

ECommerce is a constantly thriving industry where many of us are struggling for startups or figuring out various methods to enhance an active website.

For modern users, a website that loads slow or is cluttered or gives them a bad on-site experience is the biggest roadblocks in your success road.

With WordPress, you can easily set up an intuitive platform that is capable of leaving a strong impression on users. Now, this impression can be good or bad depending on the efforts you put in for optimizing overall user experience.

However, optimizing a website from the UX aspect is not a simple walk by the seashore. In most of the cases, many of the business owners don’t have an exact knowledge or an appropriate set of tools that can enhance website’s overall usability.

One of the positive and convenient aspects of WordPress is that it is a versatile and easy to use platform that can be easily optimized as per your desired needs. Before jumping on the best practices to ensure a timeless UX, let’s understand the basic concept of User experience below.

What is a UX (User Experience) on your WordPress website?

UX or user experience is a process to create a seamless and meaningful customer journey on your website. As the name suggests, it is mainly customer-centric i.e. the way people wish to see it.

It involves a thorough process of presenting and integrating your web services (branding, usability, designing, and functioning) in front of your target audience. Some of the basic points that you need to consider while deciding on a timeless UX are,

– easy to find by search engines,
– trust-worthy,
– credibility,
– accessibility and value that it delivers to consumers.

A good practice of all these above-mentioned tips can help you to retain and enhance your website traffic, reducing bounce rates, and provide you with positive user feedback while ensuring a positive word about their on-site experience.

Best Practices to Follow:

. Ask an Expert

For any kind of successful UX strategy implementation, it is important to take an expert opinion. Conducting a thorough study regarding the latest UX trends is not sufficient, you are also supposed to consult WordPress developer in India or abroad who knows all the ins and outs of a good website UX.

The experts can easily review the entire web interface and its usability of your active website while providing you with critical and constructive feedback. Whereas if you are a startup then you can ask for the different ways that can be applied to build a profitable website.

. Conducting a Usability Test

Usability testing is a technique where you can evaluate your website by conducting different tests on your potential users. During the process, you observe users’ actions and preferences while performing single or multiple tasks collectively on your WordPress website.

What is inclusive in usability testing? Well, some crucial aspects of website like navigation, responsiveness, page load speed, and conversion testing can become part of your usability test.

. Increasing Page Load Speed

Many studies in the past have successfully proved that a slow page load speed can force your users to abandon the website and leave you forever.

‘Page Load Speed’ is a vital part of any website’s UX strategy. An average page load speed generally lies between 2-3 seconds and if users had to wait for more than this, your overall website ranking can be lowered.

In a world of 4G and WiFi, people are getting used to faster experiences, so it has become obligatory to offer them the same in terms of page load speed if you wish to retain them for longer.

To check your active website’s current load speed, you can use some free of cost tools like “Pingdom” or “GTmetrix”. Such tools analyze your website’s performance for both desktop and mobile devices. With these, you will also receive precise information related to areas that need improvements.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that user experience is an aspect of digital world that needs to be handled carefully. As it holds the power to make or break your brand online.

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