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Easy steps to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

How To Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri
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Are you looking at how to get medical marijuana in Missouri, but you don’t know where to begin? Missouri is one of the states in the US that legalizes the use of cannabis. The process is unique and can make your work easier. It will help if you read below on how to obtain a marijuana card in Missouri. Read below more on How To Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri.

Who qualifies for the MMJ card in Missouri?

For you to qualify for medical marijuana in Missouri, you must have the following qualifications:

Be a state resident 

You must have 18 years of age 

Have all the qualifications needed

For that patient who is under age and needs to get treatment, it is advisable to go with your parents or legal guardian as your caregivers. This is because cards are issued only to them and not the underage. 

How do you show state residency?

Here, you will need to use your valid Missouri driver’s license or any identification cards for the current Missouri registration utility bill. The process takes you a few minutes to fill out all the important details. If you have motor vehicle registration, it can as well help you meet some of the qualifications. You have to ask for the first place before you proceed to the next step. 

What qualification condition?

Missouri has a list of qualifications like Oklahoma. It functions as a new state of medicine. Most of the voters wanted the same thing. There are some legalizations you need to know about medical marijuana. The majority of the people here have to follow the amendment of 2 seats. Here is the list of the qualification conditions you will need to know for the limit of Missouri. The qualification includes:




Hepatitis C

Chronic pain 


Sickle cell anemia




Wasting syndrome 

Any terminal illness 

Do you qualify for the medical card, what next?

Patients who qualify for medical marijuana may get time for evaluation to get what works perfectly for them. Some of the families may not have the option of selecting what works perfectly for them. 

Doctors at NuggMD are fully licensed in Missouri and get support from medical marijuana treatment options. You can do the whole process from the comfort of your home once you follow all the requirements. 

NuggMD process

The first thing go to and create your account with them 

Fill out requested information and questionnaire 

Provide all the records you have for medical 

Talk with your new doctor about your status 

Wait for a recommendation within 48 hours in your email.

How to apply for medical marijuana as patient 

When you have a recommendation from a licensed Missouri physician, it’s the right time to start filling out your information. Fill out your state application within 30 days of your date recommendation. It would be best if you did it right for you to qualify for MMJ.

When you are done with the application, you must submit it to the state and wait for approval for less than 30 days. However, if you receive an email for approval, you must provide it within ten days of application fail to do so, it will be rejected. Once you get the approval, you will receive an email with your patient ID printed out. This will be helpful in case the state does not issue you physical cards.

Fill in additional information needed.

It depends on your situation. Other forms may be needed. Marijuana is for a minor for underage, and for parent guardian, they will also need to fill out their forms.

Register online 

The state of Missouri has set up registration to follow for the cannabis medication. This is the only way you can use for applying to the state of Missouri. When you register online, you will have all the required details.  


Use the system to fill out the details, and patients who use medical marijuana will fill out the patient registration applications. You have a caregiver registration application for medical marijuana. 

The application will also need:

You signature 

Statement verification identity 

Photo of the state ID 

Proof of residence in Missouri 

Personal identification information 

Personal identification 

Clear photo showing your face 

Pay the fees 

Patient and personal applications are required to pay $25 fees. But if you want to grow a plant of cannabis, the fee will increase to $100 fees. Once you have the information needed, then getting a card will take you a few days. 


The above process helps you on how To Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri, as discussed here. You must have the documents needed, and if you are a patient, get your parents to document to help you get the treatments.

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