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Dresses That Can Make You the Star of Prom Night

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Proms have a special place in all young girls’ heart. You deck up to the dine and spend the night by dancing and partying with your friends. But choosing a dress for prom is not easy. A good dress will make your prom memories extra special. This article will give you information about the latest trends in case of prom dress.

Top Prom Dresses in 2019

  • Balll Gowns

Ball gowns are classic choices, and they are back with a bang. Ball gowns can fit everyone and flatter every body type. The recent trends tell that ball gowns are now available in mostly red, blue, neon pink, sequin hues or in floral prints.

  • Illusion Gowns

Illusion gowns are the hottest trend of 2019. This type of long prom dresses is edgy but sophisticated. Illusion gowns have delicate and detailed floral or lace or beaded designs with a small hint of skin show. You can definitely become the showstopper of your prom night with an illusion gown.

  • Sequined Gowns

Sequins are evergreen. Sequin gowns are great for every girl. It makes you dazzle and adds the charm of a diva. Sequinned gowns are now available in different styles. You can choose a ball gown, a two-piece gown, bodycon dresses or maxi dresses in sequins. You can choose a complete monotone sequin gown or a sequin gown with embellishments. But the happening trend is the ombre sequin which is beautiful and magical.

  • Glitter Gowns

If you do not like sequins, go for glitters. Glitter is another buzzing trend of 2019. Glittered gowns are now versatile and available in mermaid style, column style and peplum style -according to your choice. Buy one in silver or gold to stand out in the crowd.

  • Two-piece Gown

If you want to look different then ditch the long prom dresses and choose a statement two-piece gown. Two-piece gowns usually have a crop top and a skirt. You can have different styles in a single dress with two pieces. Choose backless or statement back or off the shoulder crop top and a skirt with a mermaid cut, ball style or column cut. Two-piece gowns are now available in different fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, tulle, glitter sequin and many more! You always customize a two-piece gown according to your requirement. These gowns look stylish, edgy and beautiful. So, a two-piece it should be – if you want to rock the party.

  • High- Low Gowns

High- low gowns are in the trend for some years right now. These gowns with shorter hemline in front and a full hemline in back look both formal and casual at the same time. 2019 has re-introduced this style with an asymmetrical design on the sides. These gowns are perfect to show your legs.

These are the trends of 2019. Prom dresses are now available for every sizes and shape. There are many online stores which sell Mermaid Prom Dresses at affordable price. But following the trends blindly won’t be enough. Add a little bit of your own style in your prom look and create a perfect style for yourself. You will surely become the prom princess with your own charisma!

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