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Don’t Miss Out These 5 Exciting Things To Do In Yangon In 2019

To Do In Yangon
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To Do In Yangon

Yangon may not be Myanmar’s capital anymore, but its several attractions and outdoor activities still make the Yangon as the largest and the most visited Burmese city of Myanmar. With its religious relics, pristine parks, and a backdrop of colonial architecture makes this city a photographer delight land. If you’re visiting South East Asia with group, family or as a solo traveler, we strongly recommend don’t miss out on this attractive city where you’ll get a plethora of things to do in Yangon to make your trip a memorable one.

Started With Famous Religious Relics

  • Shwedagon Pagoda

One of the most famous Yangon attractions, Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the top memorable things to do in Yangon with the group. No travel agent or city guide for Yangon will ever dare to miss out- after all, it is the Yangon’s greatest landmark and trademark of Yangon city. This 99 meter-high pagoda built on an elevated hill is best seen during sunset when the fading sunlight glints off the golden stupa to give a wonderfully ethereal glow. Enjoy the sunset scene as the thousands of devotees light up the thousands of candles and incense sticks. Get ready to be awestruck by the majestic beauty as the darkness descends and everything shines up.

  • Sule Pagoda

In the heart of downtime Yangon, Sule Pagoda is one another top attraction to be visited by Myanmar group tours– shining day and night near the city’s main MahaBandoula Park. The location of Sule Pagoda is also visited due to its proximity to Immanuel Baptist Church and Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque. The Sule Pagoda is named after Sularata, the Sule Nat (spirit) who lived at the place where the pagoda is standing.

Outdoor adventure

  • Take a balloon ride over Yangon

If Bagan is in on your itinerary for Myanmar, enjoying a balloon ride there is one of the hottest adventurous activities of this country. If you wish to explore the scenic view of the whole Yangon, you can have a huge tethered helium Balloon ride and enjoy the amazing panoramic view over Yangon, launchedrecently by the Mingalarbar balloon company. It starts flying in the morning from sunrise to sunset except for heavy windy time.

  • Seek fun at People’s Square and Park

The city’s People’s Square and Park are ideal for strolls and fun-making adventures with a mix of eclectic attractions. The park is famous for its wonderful views of the esteemed pagoda. Some of the activities to enjoy in the People’s Square and Park is a Myanmar Airways Fokker, a fighter jet or an old steam train, and a Natural World Amusement Park, which is a great place to take the kids.

Can’t get enough of Yangon’s spellbinding attractions? Take a walk along Kandawgyi and Inya lake, you’ll surely be mesmerized with its eternal beauty. Head on to Myanmar with a reliable travel agent and indulge in nature’s divine beauty like never before!

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