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Did You Know These Christmas Food Traditions Of The World?

Did You Know these Christmas Food Traditions of the World
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There are a few occasions that we all celebrate on global scale. The biggest of all them is Christmas. Christmas is a Christian festival that we all celebrate for Jesus Christ’s birthday. It falls on 25th of December. Like decorations, there are varieties of food tradition that various places follow.

Here is a list of the exclusive food traditions on Christmas all over the world.


Christmas in England is incomplete without the famous mince pie. This tradition has a deep root back from 13th century. The time when knights used to return from crusades, they used to bring varieties of spices. These include nutmeg and cloves with cinnamon. People of England made a big pie with all these and dried fruit doe. This dried fruit mixture is famous as the ‘mince meat’. From then it turns out to be the Christmas Pie. During the era of Puritanism, there was a ban on this tradition. Puritans believed that this mince-meat were unholy. There is another popular food of Christmas named ‘Christmas Pudding’. This is a brown pudding with raisins with nuts and cherries. This is the best Christmas present to send online to your beloved.


Almost every country has a special dish for this Christmas occasion. Germany is of no exception. Among all the traditions in Germany, the Weihnachtsgans or ‘Christmas Goose’ is famous. There are two brooding stories behind this. Some believe it came from fasting of Medieval Christians from St. Martin’s Day to Christmas. Some other believes that this is an English tradition that made its way to Germany at some point of time. This is a roasted goose served with ideal German foods. The dishes include- Spatzal and knodal with traditional red cabbage. There follows a traditional dessert- Lebkuchen or the gingerbread.


Christmas all over the world is a festival of joy and food. Philippines celebrate it with variety of dishes one of which is ‘Puto Bum bong’. It is a dessert made of black and white rice mixture that turns to purple after finished. Once you soak the rice for overnight, put it inside a bamboo tube and steam. Finally it gets served with butter sugar and coconut. Another main course that Philippinos love is ‘roasted suckling pig’ or Christmas ham. Besides, there are pancit malabon and varieties of spaghettis.


France celebrates the Christmas in the grandest way possible. Meat, oysters and foie gras are the main ingredients of French Christmas dinner. Varieties of meats including turkey, capon and many others served roasted with chestnuts. The sweet at the end of dinner is Buche de Noel, a French version of Yule Log. This is a rich cake decorated with mushroom that gives it a natural forest look. Though chestnut is the most desirable flavor, you can add any other of your choice as well. All they order Christmas cake online in France.


Japanese loves the fast food corner KFC on Christmas. KFC came to Japan in 1970s. The owner decided to arrange a free Christmas Barrel like American tradition for all. From then, it became so popular. All Japan KFC outlets start advance booking for Christmas from October. Japan does not have any Christmas tradition of its own. But Colonel Sanders dress like Santa every year, like the American tradition.


Sweden like any other Nordic country celebrates Christmas in smorgasbord style. Julbord is Swedish dinner including traditional dishes like pickle herring and cured salmon. There are meatballs with bread and beet salad as well. Cabbage with cheese just compliments all other dishes on the Swedish platter. This grand dinner is also a reminiscent after the Swedish fasting for Advent.


The feast of seven fishes is the unique Southern Italian dish for Christmas. Among the seven fishes, baccala and calamari are essential. The number 7 has significance in Italy as it is the most frequent number in Bible. In Northern Italy, panettone is a famous Christmas dessert made of fruits and raisins. There are marzipan and pandaro as well.


China does not celebrate Christmas as this is an occidental festival. But now-a-days Apples are trending as Christmas gifts in China. Stores sell apples wrapped in color papers with Santa pictures and golden ribbons. Christmas in Chinese is Ping An Ye which is like apple in Chinese- Ping Guo.


Australia celebrates Christmas in summer. So their cuisine is different from all other countries. They love ham and seafood for Christmas food. ‘Shrimp on the Barbie’ is a very popular seafood in Australia this Christmas season. In dessert you will get a ‘white Christmas’ with coconut and dried fruit. Christmas Chocolate delivery in Australia is very reasonable in this season.

It is not only the festival that we should celebrate, but also should know about them. Above article tried to shed some light on the traditions of food around the world in Christmas.

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