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Da Buddha Vaporizer Review – Affordable Vaporizer For Vape Lovers

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Are you searching for an affordable desktop vaporizer? If yes, then look no further and grab your hands on the stunning Da Buddha Vaporizer. The device comes with high-build quality and is a great option for all those who love enjoying vaping sessions at home.

Want to know more detail about the vaporizer? Keep reading to know details.

Manufacturing Quality

Da Buddha vaporizer comes with fine manufacturing quality. Speaking of the design, the device looks beautiful. The manufacturer’s used high-quality materials and the components seem sturdy. What’s more amazing the carrying case along the device. This case is nicely cushioned and have lots of pockets which allow you to put all the vaping essentials around. The glass parts of the device are easily replaceable even if you broke them.

Temperature Settings

Don’t get disappointed, but you won’t get any temperature display. You can only set the temperature using the dial button on the front. But, that’s okay! If you set the right temperature, then you don’t worry, your herbs will get heated efficiently.


What next? Next, we will look at the options provided in the unit. Well, the only way to use the device is using a hose or whip. You get only one add-on which allows diffusing the essential oils directly in your room. But, trust me, that won’t affect the vapor quality. So, don’t worry!


Talking about the speed, the unit takes around 40-50 seconds to heat the herbs. It may sound mare, but when chilling out with friends, it will feel nothing. The device is convenient to use and easy to set up. You just have to load the herbs in the glass wand at the bottom of the whip and insert the unit. Remember, not to fill the herbs till top as it will affect the vapor quality.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of Da Buddha Vaporizer is pretty amazing, and that’s the major reason why people are buying this. The device offers great vapors at a medium temperature. You will get dense and thick vapor at the right temperature. Not just that, the consistency of the vapors is also great, so, you won’t get disappointed. What are you waiting? Call your friends at your place to enjoy quality sessions.

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