Create an Amazing Website in 6 Strides

The advancement in technology has compelled most companies to go online. Any organization without an electronic presence cannot survive in this competitive market for long. Hence, it has become quintessential to create a website for almost all enterprises to stay in the race. With knowledge and expert advice, it is not difficult to create a personalized web page that attracts more customers. Any firm can create it in the 6 simple steps explained here. However, it should be kept in mind that only proper website maintenance by these Santa Rosa companies can ensure that their site is running optimally.

1. Perceiving the Purpose of Creating the Website

The purpose of creating the web page should be crystal clear from the beginning. Most websites provide an overview of the products and services the company has to offer to the viewers. It can either contain general information or specific instructions in the case of e-commerce businesses. The homepage should provide a clear idea of what the organization does and what benefits they provide. Subsequent pages can have more details about the same.

2. Selecting the Proper Domain Name

Choosing a suitable domain name is very crucial as it is the first thing that potential customers see. It helps in making the first impression on the viewer impactful and hence, it should be catchy but easy to remember.

Few considerations in selecting the domain name:

• Be short, crisp, easy to understand and spell correctly.
• Be SEO friendly with keywords and geo-tags.
• Be a .com top-level domain.
• Be different from other existing domain names.
• Not have acronyms, abbreviations, a hyphen, and numbers.
• Not be service/product/area-specific as that excludes diversification in the future.

After it is finalized, it needs to be purchased either from a domain registrar like GoDaddy,, etc or from other owners if the desired URL is already taken. Copyright should also be checked to stop the infringement of someone else’s protected name.

3. Acquiring a Dependable as Well as Upgradable Web Hosting

Every website needs a host that stores its complete data and makes it available for the public. For small businesses, hosting their own web page is quite expensive. So, they can choose another company to do it. It can be done through a shared web server or a dedicated one. Having a private provider is costlier but ensures greater speed and better performance. For a large enterprise with vast data, multiple organizations can also be appointed to handle the traffic.

4. Structuring the Web Pages Nicely

Web page designs should be such that it can easily attract the viewers with its simplicity, clarity of understanding and crisp content. The text should be keyword rich but not overtly promotional. The graphics should be customized and unique to match the style and context of the text. There should be enough breathing space for better comprehension and emphasis. Mentioning details like email, address and phone numbers is better to enhance reliability.

Certain things to remember while creating an efficient website:

• Clear and concise content that maintains the interest of the viewers.
• Strategically placed call to action buttons.
• Automated speed improvement plug-in installation for easy loading of the pages.
• Authentic and creative designs to make them appealing and interesting.

5. Publishing the Website

Once the web page is ready, it needs to be published on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. This will ensure visibility to the potential customers. After it goes live, page performance can be monitored easily by implementing analytics program that can determine whether the page is operating successfully or not. Regularly posting quality content, doing site engine optimization as well as marketing the site in social media platforms also help in greater visibility and increased footfalls.

6. Website Maintenance

Creating an appealing, user-friendly website is important but maintaining it is equally essential. Keeping pace with the change in technology, society, company visions, products, services, offers, etc. it is crucial to upgrade the site accordingly to remain useful for the users. Software upgradation, hosting security and hacking and phishing protection should also be checked or installed properly as required. Website maintenance in Santa Rosa can be done by employing experienced freelance web page managers as doing it in-house can be time-consuming.


Creating a beautiful web page helps in increasing revenues as the internet has a far-flung reach. Online presence has helped in transcending geographical boundaries making it possible to order a product from Singapore sitting in the US. Hence, creation and website maintenance in Santa Rosa is highly recommended for small companies.

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